Garapa Decking vs. Synthetic Decking and Plastic Decking


Mataverde Garapa hardwood decking is a tough, exceptionally strong and long-lasting all-natural deck solution. Its lighter tones and affordable pricing make Garapa an outstanding solution for a deck. Garapa is resistant to scratches and fungal decay. When it comes to finding an affordably priced hardwood decking that goes beyond what synthetic plastic and composite decking offers, Garapa Decking is the winner. 

From a performance standpoint, Mataverde Premium Garapa hardwood decking is clearly the overwhelming winner when compared to synthetic plastic and composite decking options. Garapa decking wins, beautifully and naturally on every measurable performance rating.  Check out the comparison between Garapa decking versus synthetic and composite decking materials below. Use the comparsion chart below which shows Garapa decking compared to popular plastic and composite decking.

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Mataverde Garapa Decking vs. Synthetic Plastic and Composite Decking

 Mataverde garapa decking


It's clear that Mataverde Premium Garapa Hardwood Decking is the overwhelming winner when compared to synthetic plastic decking and synthetic composite decking materials. On nearly every measurable category, Garapa Hardwood decking wins - beautifully and naturally.

PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS Garapa Decking Plastic Decking Composite Decking
Real wood product   Yes No No
Synthetic materials No Yes Yes
Expansion/Contraction Low High   High  
Heat retention   Low High   High  
Stability   High Low Low
Scratch resistance High Low Low
Can remove scratches easily Yes No No
Strength High Low Low
Span capacity High Low Low
Initial Decking cost  Low-Med High   High  
Usable life expectancy   25+ years 10-20 years?* 10-15 years?**
Life Cycle cost  Low Medium High  

* Plastic decking has only been available recently. It is not yet known how long it will last.

**Composite decking has been available for about twenty years. Many early brands and products had significant product failures. The newer brands have been on the market for a short time. It is not yet known how long these products will last. Click here for more information about composite decking product failures.

As you can see on the above chart, Garapa Hardwood Decking clearly beats synthetic plastic decking and composite decking on strength, span capacity, scratch resistance, expansion and contraction, heat retention and other characteristics. To learn more about Mataverde Premium Garapa Hardwood Decking and other decking material choices, please follow any of the links below.