Ways to Design with Garapa Hardwood Decking


Mataverde Premium Garapa Hardwood decking, and Garapa boards are great choices for a number of different outdoor structures. Garapa hardwood, also known as Brazilian Oak or Brazilian Ash, can be used on projects ranging from residential decks and walkways to docks, pergolas, gazebos, and outdoor furniture. Garapa hardwood is very suitable for a wide variety of outdoor projects, which make them an excellent choice when you’re looking to build a durable, beautiful, and long-lasting outdoor structure or deck.

Architects, builders and homeowners are making great use of Garapa's light honey golden tones to complement their design scheme. The low initial price of Garapa helps many end-users meet their project budget requirements with a beautiful and durable, high density hardwood that is beautiful and can be easy to maintain. 

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Mataverde Garapa hardwood decking or lumber are a great selection for any projects where the following design criteria are important:

Sustainable building material Yes Yes
Available FSC Certified Yes Yes
25 year limited warranty Yes Yes
High stability Yes Yes
High density Yes Yes
Light color tones Yes Yes
Natural insect resistance Yes Yes
Natural decay resistance Yes Yes
Splinter resistant Yes Yes
Ages gracefully to silvery patina Yes Yes
Low Life-Cycle cost Yes Yes


Projects where Mataverde Garapa Hardwood is an appropriate material selection:

Residential Deck  Garapa Decking  
Porch Flooring Garapa Decking  
Railings Garapa Decking Garapa Boards
Stairs Garapa Decking Garapa Boards
Walkway Garapa Decking Garapa Boards
Foot Bridge Garapa Decking Garapa Boards
Pergola Garapa Decking Garapa Boards
Gazebo Garapa Decking Garapa Boards
Vertical Siding Garapa Siding  
Rain Screen Siding Garapa Siding  
Fence Garapa Decking Garapa Boards
Privacy Screen Garapa Decking Garapa Boards
Tables Garapa Decking Garapa Boards
Benches  Garapa Decking Garapa Boards
Outdoor Furniture Garapa Decking Garapa Boards
Outdoor Kitchen Garapa Decking, Siding Garapa Boards
Playground Equipment Garapa Decking Garapa Boards
Planters / Flower Boxes Garapa Decking Garapa Boards