Lamboo® Elements™ is a beautiful and rapidly renewable exterior building material. View our Lamboo Rain Screen gallery for pictures of exterior projects using Lamboo cladding and a variety of other project applications. We hope you will be inspired by this handsome and eco-friendly cladding material.

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  • Lamboo Elements soffit, trim and siding
  • Lamboo guard rails
  • Lamboo Elements stair treads
  • Lamboo Elements panel system
  • Lamboo panel system
  • Lamboo Climate-Shield Rain Screen project in Texas.jpg
    “This goes up so fast. Arrived Monday at noon. Finished 5pm Tuesday.”
  • Lamboo rain screen facade
  • Lamboo Elements panels facade
  • Lamboo screen awning design element
  • Lamboo ADA compliant handrails
  • Lamboo_vertical_rain_screen_residential.jpeg
  • Lamboo exterior awning
  • Lamboo railing system
  • Lamboo components
  • Lamboo Climate-Shield rain screen system
  • Lamboo_rainscreen_with_Fawn-Oxford_Brown-_Modern_Buff-_Dark_Amber-_Butternut_finish.jpg

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