for Mataverde Premium Hardwood Decking


If you are using a high density hardwood decking material like Mataverde® Premium Ipe Decking for the first time, you will find that a new set of deck installation techniques and deck fasteners is required. Read on for helpful information regarding methods and products for use with all Mataverde Decking products.





Screwing your Mataverde Premium Hardwood Decking to the deck substructure is the strongest method is securing your deck boards.


The two most effective methods of installing decking screws are:

  1. The traditional pre-drilling, countersinking and deck screwing method which can be completed in two steps.
  2. The “Ejector Screw” deck screw method where the drilling, countersinking and screwing of deck screws are performed in one quick step.


Regardless of which screw-down method you choose to install your hardwood deck, the following chart is a handy guideline for estimating the proper quantity and placement of decking screws:



                                 16” On Center Supports 24” On Center Supports
Deck Board Size 1 x 4 Decking
1 x 6 Decking
5/4 x 4 Decking
5/4 x 6 Decking
5/4 x 4 Decking
5/4 x 6 Decking
Stainless Steel Decking Screws 5.7 screws / sq. ft. 5.5 screws / sq. ft. 5.7 screws / sq. ft. 3.6 screws / sq. ft. 4 screws / sq. ft. 2.6 screws / sq. ft.
2-1/4” Deck screws
2 per joist 3 per joist 2 per joist 2 per joist 2 per joist 2 per joist





A craftsman using high density hardwood decking for the first time will find that a new set of deck installation techniques and deck fasteners are necessary to successfully complete a decking project with maximum efficiency.


Deck Installation Tips and Techniques for Traditional Screwing Method:


The first step is to pre-drill the decking boards.
A good countersink bit is necessary to fasten the wood decking. Tapered bits are preferable. They provide a good “slip hole” through the high density hardwood decking and a smaller tapered hole in the deck joist or framing.

Stainless steel deck screws are the only choice for fastening tropical hardwood decking.

The deck fastener life must match the longevity of the decking material being used. Tropical hardwood decking will significantly outlast galvanized or coated deck screws. Mataverde® Deck Screws are the finest grade of 305 stainless steel to last longer. We recommend #7 trim head square drive decking screws for either ¾” or 1" thick decking material. These deck screws use a #1 square drive driver to reduce “cam out”.


Technique is just as important as the material used!
The countersink hole should be made slightly deeper into the deck board than the head of the screw. This allows the head of the screw to be set slightly below the surface of the deck board. When shrinkage occurs, the head will be flush or just below the surface of the decking. It is very important that the countersink bit must be held at a right angle to the wood deck surface. The drill bit will break if there is too much pressure at an angle prior to finishing the drilling operation. Remember, Mataverde® Hardwood Decking products are among the hardest decking woods on earth.


Slow the speed of your drill down when you countersink.
Drill the hole to half depth, back the bit out and clean the drilling waste prior to finishing the hole in the deck board. This will reduce breakage, extend the life of the bit and countersink as well as provide a cleaner, more consistent hole in the deck board.


Go slow and steady when you install the deck screw into the decking.
This will prevent the screw from heating up excessively, distorting or breaking. If the deck screw starts to distort while driving it into the deck board, stop! Move on to the next deck screw. This will allow the decking screw to cool down before you stress it during the removal. Discard the deck screw and apply wax to the replacement deck screw threads. Drive the new deck screw slowly into the deck board.


What do you do if you break a deck screw?
Take a moment to determine what caused the breakage in the deck srew. Was the deck screw driven in to the decking too quickly? Did it hit another fastener or building hardware below the deck surface? Vise-Grip pliers are the tool of choice for removing broken decking screws. Clamp the pliers on the head or what is left of the deck screw on the surface and twist the screw out. If the deck screw breaks below the surface, drill a slightly angled hole adjacent to the broken deck screw. It is best to use a 1/8” drill bit to perform this rather than a tapered countersink. Wax a new deck screw and slowly and carefully install it next to the broken deck screw.


Mataverde® Deck Screws and Deck Accessories 

Titebond Adhesive 29 oz Stainless steel deck screws, deck fasteners, ipe screws, ipe fasteners
1" Deck Screws (Sub rail to Handrail) 316/box
1-1/4" Deck Screws (Sub rail to Baluster) 243/box
1-5/8" Deck Screws (Sub rail to Post) 189/box
2-1/4" #7 Deck Screws 1 lb 138/box
2-1/4" #7 Deck Screws 3 lb 414/box
2-1/4" #7 Deck Screws 5 lb 690/box
2-1/4" #7 Deck Screws 10 lb 1380/box
3" x #10 Deck Screws 1500/box
Insert Bit each
5/32 Countersink each
5/32 Tapered Bit each
3/8" Mataverde Decking Plugs 100/bag




A recent development in deck screw technology has created the Muro “Ejector Screw”. This patented deck screw has a drill point, a coarse lower thread, a smooth upper shank and a countersink head. The drill point eliminates the need for pre-drilling your deck boards. The coarse thread drives the screw home. The smooth upper shank ejects the drilling waste. The countersink head eliminates the need for countersinking eah deck hole. This amazing new deck screw performs all four steps in one smooth motion.

The Ejector Screw has revolutionized Ipe deck fastening and saves time and money on Ipe deck installationsWhether you are a homeowner or a construction professional, the Ejector Screw will save you time and wear and tear on your body every time you install deck boards.

In addition to reducing the stress, strain and fatigue on your shoulders, arms, knees and lower back muscles while installing deck boards. The Muro Speed Driver can accurately apply over 1,000 deck screws per hour. That makes it about five times faster than conventional drilling and deck screwing techniques.



Labor Saving Deck Installation Products

Muro Ultra Driver screw gun muro Speed Driver screw gun



Stainless Steel Ejector Deck Screws

muro color matched deck screws Stainless Steel Ejector Deck Screw muro Ultra Driver srew installation tool detail



Ejector Screw Speed Driver Gun (*includes 10 bits) each
Ejector Screw Ultra Driver Gun (*includes 10 bits) each
2" Ejector Deck Screws 1800/box
2" Ejector Deck Screws 150/coil
2-1/2" Ejector Deck Screws 900/box
2-1/2" Ejector Deck Screws 150/coil
3" Ejector Deck Screws 900/box
3" Ejector Deck Screws 150/coil
Ejector Screw Square Drive Bits 10/C





If you prefer a deck where the deck fasteners are not visible, you may want to consider using a Mataverde® Premium Hardwood Decking product that is “pre-grooved” or “slotted” on the sides. Eb Ty hidden deck fastenersRather than drilling or screwing through the face of the deck boards, the hidden fasteners are screwed on a 45 degree angle though the deck boards into the deck joists. The next pre-grooved deck board is then seated onto the deck fastener and the deck fastening process is repeated.   




EB-TY® Hidden Deck Fasteners
EB-TY® Deck Fastening System W/O Screws 100/box
EB-TY® Deck Fastening System W/O Screws 500/box
EB-TY® Deck Fastening System W/Screws 100/box
EB-TY® Deck Fastening System W/Screws 500/box
22-1/2" Powder Coated Bracket for 4/4 material DM100-10 10/box
22-1/2" Powder Coated Bracket for 4/4 material DM100-100 100/box
22-1/2" Powder Coated Bracket for 5/4 material DM125-10 10/box
22-1/2" Powder Coated Bracket for 5/4 material DM125-100 100/box





If you don’t have the inclination to cut slots into your decking boards, all Mataverde hardwood decking species are available as Pre-Grooved decking. This continuous groove makes decking installation much quicker whether you are installing your deck boards square or on a diagonal.


Pre-Grooved (Slotted) Decking Board Detail

5/4 x 6 Detail 5/4 x 4 Detail
5 4 x 6 slotted ipe decking detail 5 4 x 4 ipe slotted decking detail pregrooved decking
Ipe decking boards and Ipe railing system Mataverde hardwood deck installation

Download Mataverde® Deck Fasteners Installation Guidelines