8 Reasons to Choose Premium Siding over Lower Cost Siding

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There are lots of reasons premium sidings are winning out against lower cost options like vinyl siding or fiber cement. Better looks, improved energy efficiency, top siding performance and lower lifetime costs are a few reasons to consider better quality siding for your project design. See why more and more designers and owners are choosing premium siding options like wood rainscreen and Pura NFC siding.

Pura siding Romantic Walnut decor with black trim in Southern California

Pura NFC siding adds a rich looking appearance to a home or property. Pura wood decor shown here.


Great Looks

Let’s face it. Higher cost premium cladding looks beautiful. The materials are richer and add an elegant look to a home or building façade. The alluring appeal of natural wood siding materials ‘add a smile’ to the outside of a structure instantly.

Cumaru wood rainscreen siding

Premium hardwood rainscreen cladding adds natural beauty and high performance to a building facade


In a recent survey of homeowners who chose new siding for their home, more than a third of them said they chose premium cladding because their old siding was ugly. And as you know, lower cost sidings usually look, well, cheap.  An investment in a higher end siding changes the whole look of your property. 


Less Damage

Nearly 40% of homeowners surveyed cited damaged siding as their top reason for replacing their siding. Lower cost siding often has performance issues, like breakage on impact. It is not uncommon to see vinyl siding or fiber cement siding broken when struck by hail or foreign objects.

when fiber cement siding cracks it can create moisture and rot problems

Fiber cement siding can be very brittle 


On the other hand, premium cladding materials like natural wood siding or Pura NFC siding by Trespa, are very strong. Hardwood sidings are naturally strong and have good fiber strength, so they are hard to ding, dent or break. The same goes for Pura siding. Pura NFC is manufactured to exacting tolerances to perform admirably against a variety of weather extremes.

Pura hardness and impact resistance

Pura NFC is a premium HPL (High Pressure Laminate) siding option


Added Property Value

Yes, premium cladding usually costs more upfront. But they look fantastic. Everyone can see the beauty of exterior siding because it is literally right in their face. The instant upgrade in a home’s curb appeal increases the home’s value immediately and improves your resale value.

Couple with SOLD sign Trespa

And the beautiful façade that a premium cladding material offers, all but guarantees the home will sell faster, when it’s time for you sell and move. So, more costs up front, sure, but more earnings at the end. And you get to enjoy the beautiful home façade in the meantime.

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Reduce Your Ongoing Costs

But upfront costs aren’t your only costs. You may want to consider your ongoing costs. What about ongoing care and maintenance. How about hidden refinishing costs if your siding ‘uglies out’? How about refinishing costs?  Here are a few ongoing costs it pays to consider before you replace your siding.

  • Refinishing costs. If you choose a siding that needs to be refinished periodically, consider the cost to do so. Fiber cement siding needs to be repainted time to time. Some wood sidings may need to be repainted, too. Most hardwood sidings can be allowed to silver out without sacrificing quality. If you like the beachy driftwood look, it can save refinishing. Trespa Pura NFC siding is another premium siding option and it never needs refinishing, ever, throughout its lifetime.
  • Care and Maintenance. An occasional cleaning is required to keep any siding looking good. Premium cladding options like hardwood siding and Pura siding require less care and maintenance than some lower quality cladding options.
  • Less damage. Premium sidings are a lot tougher than low-cost siding options. Why not minimize your opportunity to be forced to replace your siding. Choose a better-quality cladding and avoid the risk.
  • Long Lasting Siding. The longer your siding lasts, the less often it must be replaced. Choosing a longer lasting calling eliminates the need to replace your siding before you planned to. You can save money long term by choosing wisely the first time.
  • Lower Life Cycle Costs. When you look at all your costs from the beginning. Take your initial installation and add in all the maintenance costs, refinishing costs, repair costs and any other costs. That total is almost all your lifecycle costs. Most premium claddings are found to have a lower lifecycle cost.


How a rainscreen siding system with premium cladding benefits everyone

More people are catching on that rainscreen siding, or rainscreen cladding, or a rainscreen system are not simply buzzwords. A well designed rainscreen system is simple and highly effective. How simple? Simply stand your siding off your home’s building envelope.

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This leaves a gap between the weatherproofed area of your home exterior and the back of the siding. This rainscreen gap is where the magic happens.

cambridge-house ipe rain screen siding Seal Once cape Cod gray finish-1


Health Benefits

A well designed rainscreen helps gets moisture out of the house and away from the house. It keeps your home exterior dry and mold-free. By helping to release moist air from inside the building, it keeps your family healthier. A dry home is a happy and a healthy home. Keep your home healthy and protected by design.

Black mold rotting out the entire exterior and interior wall

Avoid healthy issues due to mold, rot and decay. Protect your home with a rainscreen.

Energy savings

There are passive energy savings built into an open joint, back ventilated rainscreen. Here’s how it works to keep your home dry and your wall well protected.  In wet weather, a well designed rainscreen will shed water and allow interior moisture to egress.

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In hot sunny weather,  a well-designed rainscreen will keep your home cool by using natural convective air currents to get the heat off your siding. 

Illustration How Rainscreen Creates A Passive Insulation Layer



Extended Lifetime for your Home

A well designed rainscreen system protects the exterior building envelope so well, it can add decades of lifetime to your home.  If your home is going to last longer, why not invest in higher quality long lasting siding. Why spend money on low quality siding?


Looking for some great design ideas using higher end premium claddings?

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