Ipe Wood Siding...really?

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"When someone first suggested that I consider Ipe hardwood for my wood siding, I was shocked. But the more I learned, the more sense it made."

It's no secret that Ipe decking is considered the best natural decking material in the world. But Ipe siding...are you serious? Absolutely! Ipe rainscreen siding is every bit as long lasting an all natural wood siding as it is for a decking material. The same natural strength, beauty and durability characteristics that have made Ipe decking the best decking material in the world don't change just because you've decided to put Ipe siding on your home or building.  Why not let Ipe wood siding be the best natural siding material on earth...and on your home or structure?


Ipe rainscreen siding with vertical outside cornersIpe siding 1x6 installed horizontally with Climate-Shield rainscreen system


All natural wood siding isn't for everyone...there are lots of vinyl siding options available at a variety of price points and quality levels.  But for the purist who loves the warmth and rich natural beauty of real wood, why not consider the possibilities of real wood Ipe siding?

Ipe rain screen siding in elegant Massachusetts design-1

Ipe Rainscreen siding 1x4 installed horizontally for great linear design

Ipe siding can be selected in a wide variety of different profiles and patterns.  From classic shiplap and V-groove patterns to a host of rain screen siding profiles, Ipe siding can add a handsome facade to your home or structure.  If you can imagine a wood siding profile...we can probably make it into an Ipe siding reality for you.

Ipe rain screen steamed, bent, curved and fastened using old school millwork and shipwright techniques-1

Custom Ipe rainscreen siding design

If you are thinking about Ipe siding or other hardwood siding options for your home or structure, you may want to consider Ipe rain screen siding.  Rain screen wood siding has been used successfully for over 800 years (several structures around the world are still standing). Ipe siding can be installed vertically, horizontally or diagonally in a rain screen design.

Manzanita rainscreen vertical

Ipe siding 1x4 profile, installed vertically, in coastal Oregon

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