Top 10 Reasons Why Ipe Decking is the Best Decking Material

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If you are trying to decide which decking material is the best, you may want to consider Ipe decking before making your decking material decision.  Ipe decking may not be for everyone...but it certainly should be part of your decision making process.

Top 10 reasons Why Ipe Decking is the Best Decking Material:

10.) Why not consider Ipe decking for your decking material? Ipe decking is roughly the same price as synthetic plastic decking material. The initial cost of building a new deck often includes planning and design, permits, site preparation, footers, framing materials, construction labor, stairs, posts and railings. The decking material you select is typically only about 20% of the overall cost of building a deck. 

9.) Ipe decking is eco-friendly. Ipe decking is a sustainably harvested real Ipe decking makes beautiful Ipe stepswood decking material and is a renewable natural resource. It takes only about 30 years for an Ipe tree to reach full maturity.

8.) Ipe decking is a high density hardwood decking material.  The high density of Ipe decking is one reason why Ipe decking lasts so long and is so durable.  Ipe decking is naturally resistant to termites and rot and decay. Ipe decking is so dense it has received a Class A fire rating.

7.) Ipe decking is extremely hard and strong. The extreme hardness of Ipe decking has many benefits that you can enjoy for years to come; Ipe decking will not sag like synthetic decking, ipe decking is stable in heat and cold and does not expand and contract like other decking materials, ipe decking resists scrapes and gouges.

6.) Ipe decking is naturally splinter resistant. They say that the foot is one of the most sensitive areas of the body. Protect yourself, family and friends from nasty splinters.Ipe decking and rooftop shower at hot tub

5.) Ipe decking has natural low slippage qualities. Ipe decking has been tested and complies with ASTM-C1028-89. Ipe Decking exceeds the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements for Static Coefficient of friction in a wet environment. 

4.) Ipe decking is a sustainable decking material. One of the factors involved in determing the sustainability of decking materials is how long they last. Ipe decking is one of the longest lasting natural decking materials on earth.

3.) Ipe decking has an extremely low life cycle cost. Some people look at only the short term initial cost of a decking material. If you take a longer view of total costs of decking materials, Ipe decking has been analyzed and valued as the lowest overall life-cycle cost decking material.

2.) Ipe decking is a rich chocolaty brown all-natural beautiful Ipe deck and Ipe staircasesdecking material. Ipe decking ranges in color from light browns to medium and dark browns with a variety of shades in between.  The exotic figuring, striping and grain variations add natural beauty marks and character to Ipe decking.

1.) Choosing Ipe decking as a decking material says a lot about you. When considering all the benefits of Ipe decking, choosing Ipe decking as your decking material shows what values are important to you: long lasting, strength, natural beauty, sustainable green decking product, durability and unparalleled excellence.

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