Garapa Hardwood Decking is Beautiful and Affordable

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For those of you struggling to make the right decision about your decking material, I would like to introduce you to Garapa decking. When a home owner or builder is considering building a new deck or replacing existing decking, the first thing that must be decided is what type of decking material they are going to use. While there are dozens of wood species to choose for your deck, not to mention all the composite decking and other synthetic decking materials, Garapa decking is worth considering.

Garapa decking is beautiful and affordableGarapa decking is a high density hardwood and ranges in color from light gold to a deep rich honey brown. Garapa decking is an extremely versatile natural hardwood and can be used in and around water as decking material, boat docks, outdoor furniture, walkways, boardwalks and as rain screen hardwood siding. Garapa is about 1-1/2 times harder than oak and is naturally resistant to rot and insect damage. When left to weather Garapa turns to a beautiful silver patina.

Despite its versatility, durability and beautiful figured graining, Garapa is a very affordable decking material option. Garapa decking is less expensive than most of the composite decking or synthetic decking materials. Because it so durable and long-lasting, Garapa decking is also an excellent long term investment. The total life cycle cost of owning and maintaining a Garapa deck are among the lowest overall cost of any available decking material options to choose from.

Garapa is an eco-friendly tropical hardwood decking material. If you are looking for a sustainably harvested FSC certified or IBAMA Certified real wood decking, then Garapa may be just be for you.

If you would like to learn all you can about all the decking material options that are available to you, please download the FREE comprehensive whitepaper, "The Ultimate Guide to Selecting the Right Decking Material" by clicking the link below:



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