Hardwood Decking Installation Tips

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If you are considering installing hardwood decking material for your new deck, here are some practical tips you may find helpful. Whether you are thinking about Ipe decking, Garapa decking, Machiche decking of Cumaru decking, you should know all of these high density hardwood decking materials will maintain their strength and last a long time. The amazing strength of hardwood decking means that special techniques are required for a beautiful and lasting decking installation.

Ipe decking  Rooftop Ipe Deck Installation

Installing an Ipe rooftop deck.


When Ipe decking first started being used as a residential decking material in the US, the technology had not yet caught up with the newfound popularity of hardwood decking materials. At the time, it was required that hardwood decking be installed by pre-drilling all the holes by hand. New technology has made this practice a thing of the past. Hidden deck fasteners and self drilling deck screws allow Ipe, Cumaru, Garapa and other hardwood decking to be installed quickly, easily and securely.

If you would like your hardwood deck to have no visible screw heads, the Mataverde Concealed Deck Fastener is a great option to consider. This installation method provides a beautiful decking installation with a clean, unencumbered deck surface. The hardwood decking will show no signs of deck screws because the fastening is provided on the edge of the deck boards.

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The Ejector screw is another method to provide quick and secure fastening for your hardwood deck boards. The stainless steel Ejector screw is a technological marvel and allows each screw to be attached with no drilling required. This fastening method is considered the strongest way to attach hardwood deck boards to the deck joists.  While the heads of the screws will be visible with this method, the strength of the fastening is unparalleled.



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