Ipe Decking - New Face for an Old Deck

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If you are unhappy with your decking surface, you may not have to rebuild a whole new deck. If your joists, supports and framing attachments are in good condition, you might be able to simply replace your decking boards.

We have had lots of clients who were very unhappy with the decomposition of their composite decking and pressure treated decking. In many cases, they were able to bring new life into an old deck by replacing the deck boards with a better quality decking material such as Ipe or Cumaru.

file-16533256What started as a cozy little pressure treated deck, quickly lost its beauty.


The pressure treated decking on this deck was loaded with mold and decay. When the decking was removed, however, the deck joists were in nearly new condition. Structurally, this deck was in great shape; the piers were sound and the all important attachments to the house were in excellent shape. The homeowner was not happy with the decking and railing system, so new decking material was selected.


For a new all natural look, this client selected Ipe hardwood decking and a new railing system. First the old deck railings and benches were uninstalled. Next, the old pressure treated deck boards were removed. the entire structure beneath was in top notch condition. New pressure treated 4x4 posts were then installed.


Next came the Ipe boards around the perimeter for a "picture frame" look. With that step completed, the new Ipe deck boards were installed. The client did not want to see screw heads on the decking, so pre-grooved Ipe decking was used and installed with hidden deck fasteners. For a finishing touch, vinyl rail sleeves were slipped over the pressure treated posts and a traditional railing system was installed.

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