Ipe Decking Project - Ten Years After

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One of the coolest Ipe decking projects I have ever seen was built about ten years ago in Gales Ferry, CT. This multi-level Ipe deck features built-in Ipe benches, Ipe stairs, Ipe railings and an Ipe walkway that leads to an Ipe dock. The workmanship was a labor of love for Garth Dolphin and his young family. This Ipe deck allows Garth and his family to relax in a natural setting on the water and to get away from the cares of the world.

Ipe deck, Ipe stairs, Ipe dock, Ipe bench, Ipe railing system 

Ten years after it was built, this Ipe deck still looks spectacular. Ipe decking lasts so long that, despite the rugged coastal application and harsh New England weather, this deck is still in its early years. Garth used stainless steel screws to install his Ipe decking boards. Stainless steel decking screws provide an incredibly strong fastening system that provides lots of lateral bracing which makes the deck even stronger.


Ipe built in furniture bench and ipe planters



This multi-level Ipe deck takes full advantage of the sloped topography of the deck site. With two full sets of Ipe stairs, this deck is accessible all the way to the water. In the center of this multi-leveled Ipe deck, Garth built a beautiful and very functional Ipe bench system complete with Ipe planters.



The custom Ipe railing system combines Ipe and other materials with a lot of craftsmanship. Ipe 5/4x6 boards and 4x4 Ipe posts were used with painted aluminum balusters to create a beautiful custom Ipe railing system. Check out the artful detailing of the 4x4 Ipe posts and the careful cuts of the Ipe top rail and Ipe sub rail.

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