Ipe Decking Stands the Test of Time on Florida Boardwalk

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The Audubon Society has protected Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary near Naples, Florida since 1905. This unique, pristine wilderness area dates back over 500 years. The 14,000-acre sanctuary provides protection for many rare and endangered species of flora and fauna in the western Everglades. For visitors to see, without damaging the habitat, they built a boardwalk here in 2003 using high-density Ipe hardwood. 

CorkscrewCorkscrew Swamp Sanctuary Boardwalk, Naples, Florida, Ipe Hardwood Decking and rails

The sanctuary is the home to alligators, white tail deer, otters, panthers, red bellied turtles and more. The sheer number of species of birds that inhabit the sanctuary is impressive. If you are a naturalist, bird lover, or simply enjoy the natural beauty of the Everglades, Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary is a great place to visit.  And the Ipe hardwood boardwalk is great way to see it.  Many consider the free guided boardwalk tour a fantastic outdoor classroom. 

Painted bunting Audubon Society

Per the Audubon Society, “A wide variety of wading birds, songbirds, raptors and the fabulous Painted Bunting can be seen throughout the year. The boardwalk meanders through pine flatwood, wet prairie, around a marsh and finally into the largest old growth Bald Cypress forest in North America. These impressive trees, tower 130 feet into the sky and have a girth of 25 feet. Their massive branches are draped with mosses, lichens, bromeliads and ferns.

Ipe decking on boardwalk at Corkscrew Swamp

The 2-1/4-mile-long boardwalk allows visitors to view the majesty of this area without disturbing the natural habitat. For guests to have safe access, without harming the preserve, they built this epic boardwalk in 2003. They selected high density Ipe hardwood decking for its well known strength, performance and long-lasting durability. Ipe is a sustainably harvested hardwood that is ideally suited to perform well in this natural tropical paradise.

It is no surprise that, over the past fifteen years, the Ipe hardwood decking and rails have held up remarkably well. Even in this hot humid subtropical forest climate, Ipe decking stands the test of time. Because it helps protect this ancient paradise,  Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary's value becomes more important with each passing year. To quote Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in his poem Evangeline, "This is the forest primeval".

Please feel free to visit, donate, become a friend or volunteer to help the Audubon Society keep it that way.



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