Ipe Hardwood Decking and Railings Give Pier 57 a New Look

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Pier 57 is one of the latest updates to the New York City waterfront. Originally built during the early 1950’s, construction is underway to give this New York City pier a new life. The design team chose natural Ipe hardwood for the railings, benches and decking.  Check out the progress.

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The original Pier 57 was opened in 1954

The NYC waterfront is amid a rebirth. Many piers are being rebuilt, remodeled and updated. The outdoor area of nearly all the piers are open to the public. So many waterfront areas around the US restricted. Private this. Private that. Keep out, etc. We think its pretty awesome that this space is accessible to all of us.

For this project, the design team specified long lasting products for the outdoor areas, including; stainless steel, concrete and Ipe hardwood. Ipe hardwood decking was used on the decks, railing, seating and benches. The real hardwood is a beautiful product that stands in warm contrast to the colder look of concrete and steel.

Ipe hardwood railings at Pier 57

The Ipe hardwood railings span nearly a quarter mile. The landscape design team at !Melk selected Ipe wood because it lasts so long and is naturally beautiful. The railing design included some longer length Ipe boards in the straight areas. Other curved and tapered sections of the Ipe hardwood railing required special milling and intricate design details.

Ipe architectural railing at Pier 57 New York

The design team also specified curved Ipe hardwood benches. They were custom built to mirror the curvature of the railings. The warm, organic appearance looks pretty inviting.

Cusom made Ipe benches at Pier 57 NYC 

For a commanding view of the NYC waterfront, the design team developed an amphitheater type of tiered seating. From here, you will be able to see spectacular views of the city, the Hudson River and beyond.

Ipe hardwood benches, steps and decking at Pier 57

Special thanks to Hunter Roberts Construction Group and Interstate Drywall Corporation for bringing this remarkable marine construction project to life.


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