Ipe Wood Pergolas and Overhead Design Elements

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Ipe pergolas are extremely strong, ancient Egyptian pergola in garden of Thebeslast a long time and look beautiful. If you want to use natural wood to create a warm look for your pergola, you may want to consider Ipe hardwood as a building material for your pergola structure.  When choosing materials to build a pergola, many people want to create a structure that lasts a long time, looks amazing and requires little or no maintenance.  Ipe hardwood meets all these design criteria for pergola construction. Depending on your pergola design, Ipe wood can be used for the posts, beams, joists, lattice and any other wood components you would like to design and build with.

Pergolas are an elegant design feature that can add great beauty to a garden, deck or other outdoor living space. The earliest known example of a pergola reportedly dates back to ancient Egypt in the garden at Thebes around 1400 B.C. Pergolas have been used throughout the ages to add beauty and enjoyment to outdoor spaces all over the world. Whether you want to create a partially shaded nook or an elaborate arbor or trellis design, pergolas have stood the test of time as a beautiful and stately design element, gracing palaces, courtyards, estates and homes.

Ipe pergola with 4x4 ipe posts



Ipe hardwood has such tremendous fiber and bending strength; you won’t have to worry about structural strength limitations as you might with weaker building materials when constructing a sturdy and time tested pergola. The high density of Ipe hardwood also ensures that there is minimal opportunity for insect infestation and decay. In fact, testing performed by the US Forest Products Laboratory has found that Ipe wood is rated as highly durable, which means that Ipe is expected to last a minimum of twenty five years in outdoor installations. The truth is, structures made from Ipe wood often last significantly longer than twenty five years. There are countless examples of Ipe wood lasting forty to fifty years and longer in harsh outdoor environments.  Ipe pergolas will endure, beautifully, far longer than other wood pergolas. Whether your pergola is for a commercial project or a residence, choose Ipe hardwood for a good-looking, long-lasting outdoor project.

Ipe pergola at Amtrak station


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