Wood Rainscreen Siding Design Combines Vertical and Horizontal

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"The bold combination of different wood siding species and sizes in both vertical rain screen and horizontal rain screen configurations creates a stunning look for the front facade of this New England colonial style home."

This amazing wood rainscreen project combines a number of different architectural styles and makes them work together to create a visually and aesthetically pleasing building exterior.  Noted designer Gary Shelton of Modern Habitats, LLC in Westport, Connecticut created a stunning look for the exterior of this home by using a unique rainscreen design.  Gary chose 5/4x6 FSC Certified Machiche hardwood siding for this vertical rain screen installation and complemented the look by adding 1x4 Ipe hardwood siding in a horizontal rain screen installation above and below the casement windows.


The vertical rainscreen design element, in and of itself, creates a modern look for the exterior of this traditional style colonial home in New England. By adding the narrower Ipe rain screen siding element above and below the windows on the front of the home, an even sleeker visual appeal was created.  The Climate-Shield Rain Screen Wood Siding System was selected for this project because of its unique ability to allow such design flexibility into this reamarkable rain screen configuration, without having to create elaborate furring strip matrixes and build-outs.  No other wood rain screen system offers designers such simple and effective design functionality.

Because they didn’t have to build out complicated Machiche hardwood vertical rain screen with ipe horizontal siding accentfurring strip layers, the elegant simplicity of the Climate-Shield Rain Screen System also benefited the construction crew and rain screen installers.  Countless hours of labor time and expense of setting up and dismantling staging was eliminated because of the Climate-Shield Rain Screen Clip requires no furring strips when used over structural exterior sheathing such as plywood or OSB. This rain screen system also saves valuable installation time and expense.

Mataverde Premium FSC Certified Machiche hardwood siding was specifically selected due to its beautiful graining and exotic color variations as the primary wood siding material. In my opinion, aligning the Machiche siding in a vertical configuration was a terrific design decision to create interest and curb appeal.  By adding the narrower 1x4 Ipe hardwood siding boards in a horizontal rain screen design as an accent, an exciting  new look was created. The result is subtle, but bold and beautiful, too. Both of these all-natural and gorgeous wood siding materials are long lasting and durable.

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