Cost Saving Installation Tips for Pura NFC Siding by Trespa

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Pura NFC siding is becoming more widely recognized every day. Pura siding is an HPL (High Pressure Laminate) exterior siding material that is beautiful and durable.  Pura is a premium cladding option that homeowners and architects love.  Installing Pura just got better than ever with Climate-Shield rainscreen components. See how.PURA NFC siding installs easily and looks great

Save time and money installing Pura siding with Climate-Shield rainscreen fasteners


Are you planning to install Pura NFC siding by Trespa over plywood or OSB exterior sheathing? If so, this information should be very helpful. The Climate-Shield CST1 fastening system is designed to install Pura NFC siding over OSB or plywood exterior sheathing. The CST1 system not only creates a healthier rainscreen design, but it also saves labor, materials, time, and money.


How Does Climate-Shield Help Save Money with Pura NFC siding?

Using Climate-Shield rainscreen fasteners and accessories saves time and money. How? Because you don’t need furring strips to install Pura siding with Climate- Shield CST1 fasteners. The Climate-Shield CST1 system eliminates the need for furring strips for all your Pura siding. The only place you’ll need furring strips is to install your trim.



See the step by step Pura NFC siding installation video with Climate-Shield rainscreen fasteners.


Material Savings # 1 Furring Strip Savings

With the Climate-Shield CST1 rainscreen system for Pura siding installation, you eliminate the cost of the furring strips for the entire siding area. (You will only need furring strips to install the trim.) For a typical 1,500 square foot siding installation, that could mean a huge cost savings for you.

If you use high quality hardwood furring strips, you could see savings of $3,400 or more for the furring strips alone. Even if you use less costly furring strips, you should still see a savings of $1,500 or more by not having to use them for the siding installation.

Trespa Pura Tropical Ipe wood decor siding furring strip installation

High quality hardwood furring strips and EPDM tape were use on this Pura siding installation


Material Savings # 2 EPDM Tape Savings

For the furring strips in an open joint rainscreen system to last, you must use an EPDM tape to protect them. So, if you eliminate the furring strips, as in the example above, you don’t need the EPDM for them either. You could save another $1,500 or more on the tape, by not using the furring strips for the siding.


Labor Time Savings for Horizontal Pura Siding Installation

An experienced contractor in California has installed Pura siding with the traditional furring strip and EPDM method on several jobs. He thought he’d try the Climate-Shield rainscreen fasteners on his next job. After he installed the Climate-Shield CST1 rainscreen fasteners he was amazed at the time savings. He shared that he saved more than 30% labor time by installing Pura with Climate-Shield CST1 clips.

Climate-Shield Pura NFC siding by Trespa Installation

Climate-Shield CST1 system eliminates the time and expense of furring strips for the siding installation

The labor time savings was very important for him, because he has a small crew and time is everything to him and his company. Is labor savings important for you? If you could save 30% of your installation time, would that free you up to take on additional work? Could this time savings allow your company to earn more?


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Labor Cost Savings

I’m not sure how much your labor rates cost you? If you could save 30% on your labor costs it would likely be another major cash savings. For example, if you normally charge $8 to $10 per square foot for Pura siding installation, you could potentially save another $4,000 to $5,000 of labor costs.




Wait Until You See the Savings on a Pura Siding Vertical Installation

You’ve already seen the savings on a typical horizontal installation of Pura siding. Do you ever get calls for vertical siding installation? As you know, you are likely to need a double layered matrix of furring strips. Just imagine the material costs savings.  Imagine the time, aggravation, and material costs savings if you could eliminate that tangled web.

messy furring strip matrix for vertical siding is unnecessary with Climate-Shield rainscreen

No need to create a complex web of furring strips for vertical Pura installations if you use Climate-Shield CST1 system

Using Climate-Shield fasteners for vertical Pura installations is an absolute game changer. For vertical installation of Pura siding over plywood or OSB exterior sheathing, the CST1 system is even better. Using the Climate-Shield system vertically will save you twice the amount of labor and furring materials as a horizontal siding installation. 

Pura NFC vertical siding installation

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