Trespa Pura NFC Siding Easy Installation Options

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The beauty, durability, and low maintenance of Pura NFC siding by Trespa are winning hearts and minds all over.  The great look of the Pura NFC wood decors rivals the beauty of real wood siding. Pura siding installs more easily than ever.

Pura NFC Siding wood decors

Pura NFC Siding is available in many realistic wood decors and is easier to install then ever before


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Creating a Rainscreen for Pura NFC Siding with Furring Strips


When Trespa developed their Pura NFC siding planks, they felt it was very important that they could be installed in a rainscreen assembly. A rainscreen design helps a home or building ventilate better and perform better - inside and out. The original rainscreen layout for Trespa Pura NFC siding calls for wood furring strips, covered with a protective UV resistant material.

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Because the furring strips create a ¾” rainscreen gap behind the Pura siding, the wall assembly can breathe and ventilate quickly. And the UV protective tape helps protect the furring strips and minimize the opportunity for water to create any problems behind the siding.

Installing Trespa Pura NFC siding Tropical Ipe wood decor siding on building

Pura NFC siding installed on a commercial facade over furring strips.


This furring strip installation method works well, especially when you are installing Pura cladding over cement block, masonry walls or exterior gypsum. The furring strips attach to the building, so the Pura siding planks can attach to the furring strips. We used this method to install Pura siding on our own building.


Climate-Shield CST1 System for Installing Pura NFC Siding by Trespa


If you are installing siding over plywood or OSB exterior sheathing, however, there is now a much better way to install Pura NFC siding. The Climate-Shield CST1 rainscreen system was developed specifically to install Pura siding over exterior wood sheathing. The Climate-Shield method saves labor time, material costs and creates more efficient rainscreen ventilation to boot.

Pura siding Romantic Walnut decor with black trim in Southern California

Climate-Shield CST1 rainscreen components create a faster, more efficient Trespa Pura siding installation 


The Climate-Shield CST1 method installs Pura siding quickly and effectively over plywood, either vertically or horizontally. The first major time-saver for the Climate-Shield system is that it eliminates the need for all wood furring strips in the field. The only place where you use furring strips in this method is to fasten the metal Pura trim pieces.

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Horizontal Climate-Shield Rainscreen Installation for Pura NFC Siding

The second major time-saving component is the Climate Shield CSSR8 starter rail. This eight-foot starter rail is perfect for horizontal Pura installations. Instead of trying to line up and install a whole bunch of rainscreen clips individually, use the 8' starter rail. Simply snap a level line and line up the ends of the starter rail and fasten them to the wall. Once the CSSR8 starter rail is lined up level, all the courses will align horizontally as you continue installing up the side of the building.

Pura NFC siding by Trespa Mystic Cedar wood decor in Narragansett RI


For more installation information, feel free to visit our Trespa Pura Climate-Shield Installation page. While you’re there, you can download the horizontal or vertical installation guidelines.


In the meantime, here’s a five-minute video that shows the guidelines and best tips for installing Pura NFC siding horizontally using the Climate-Shield system. The CST1 rainscreen clips and system is quick and effective. This is a real-world on-site installation by two experienced wood siding contractors. It was their first time installing Trespa Pura siding and they did a great job.



Vertical Installation of Climate-Shield Rainscreen for Pura NFC Siding


More and more architects, designers and owners are opting for vertical siding designs and installations. It’s a nice look for many types of project designs.  Installing a vertical rainscreen with furring strips is very complicated and creates a messy layered matrix of extra (and unnecessary) furring strips.


messy furring strip matrix for vertical siding is unneccessaryCreating a vertical rainscreen with furring strips is complex and messy - there's a better way


You can save time, save labor and save the mess of vertical furring strips by using the CST1 system. That’s why we developed the Climate-Shield CST1 components for vertical installation of Pura NFC siding. The special Climate-Shield rainscreen components to install Pura siding vertically are the CSVSR8 vertical starter rail and individual plank supports.

Trespa Pura NFC Sidings vertical installation

 Once you install the CSVSR8 vertical starter rail level, you have a level starting point for all the vertical Pura siding planks.  Line up your Pura siding planks and fasten them vertically with the CST1 rainscreen clips.

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Looking for some design ideas or inspiration for your siding project?

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