Create an Elegant Pergola with Mataverde Ipe Hardwood

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When designing homes it is important to give the outdoor living space as much thought as the indoor space. In the myriad of decisions that come with constructing a new home or renovating an older home, it is understandable that the outside landscaping often falls to the bottom of the “to-do” list—until spring and the hint of warmer weather.


Those slightly warmer, breezy days that are the prelude to summer make us take notice of the new leaves on the trees and shrubs and the color that is beginning to burst forth in gardens. This is the time that makes us look at where we are going to sit, play and relax in our outdoor spaces. A pergola can create the ideal space for a quiet, secluded place to unwind.

In early Grecian and Italian landscapes, the pergola - a roof held up by columns - was a favorite outdoor structure. Pergolas provide a sheltered walkway or retreat and are often covered with masses of vines. Pergolas can be small or large, depending on what your design goal is and what the space will be used for.

ipe_pergola_with_4x4_ipe_posts.jpgPergolas are usually built with very sturdy uprights and rafters that support even the heaviest of vines, such as grape and wisteria. Heavy vines can twist apart flimsy supports by the second season of growth. Because strength in the wood used is extremely important, Mataverde® Ipe is a great solution to construct a long lasting pergola. The rafters will allow air and shafts of sunlight into the interior but will generally create a cool, shady spot for your privacy and enjoyment.

Mataverde Ipe wood is extremely durable, free of toxic preservatives, naturally fire resistant, slip-resistant and can be a virtually maintenance free outdoor wood option. This all natural hardwood product provides beauty and longevity and is a stunning choice for outdoor wood projects of all types.

We hope you enjoyed this article. Whether you are building a pergola, a hardwood deck or other outdoor structure, please visit for more information about Ipe hardwoods, outdoor structures and more.

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