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With all the volatility during and after the pandemic, we keep a closer eye than ever on decking prices. There were some major decking price increases in 2022. There have also been some big changes in the price of decking in 2023. They may impact your decision on what decking material you choose for your deck project. Learn more about current comparative deck prices here.


During the pandemic, decking prices continued to soar. Prices rose on all decking categories, from pressure treated wood decking to composites to softwoods and hardwoods to high end synthetic decking. Many of the increases were due to short supplies, less people to produce the decking, and higher costs to deliver the materials throughout the supply chain.


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This year, the decking market is very different. Softwood decking prices are going up, hardwood decking is coming down, synthetic decking is rising, and clear western red cedar is way, way up there. Based on a recent price shop, please see the decking price comparison below. Prices are listed by the square foot to make your comparison easier.

Square Foot pricing for common decking materials March 2023


The big surprises for me were how expensive cedar is becoming. Higher end synthetics rose substantially, too. The high-density hardwood decking material prices are now on par with lower quality decking offerings.  Please understand that prices can change without notice at any time. Prices and availability vary, too, from region to region. Be sure and contact your local suppliers for current pricing in your area.

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Key Decking Price Takeaways:

  • Even though the pricing went up, pressure treated decking is still the lowest cost decking option.
  • Low end composite decking is still inexpensive, up-front, but many consumers prefer a higher quality decking material that will last longer and look better.
  • Even knotty cedar decking has risen to the point that some clear hardwood decking materials, like Garapa and Cumaru, are more affordable, and require less maintenance.
  • Thermally modified decking is becoming more and more popular and is in the moderate price range.
  • There are some fantastic hardwood decking materials available in the medium price range. Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry) and Machiche, that cost less than Ipe, and far less than higher end synthetic decking
  • The high-end synthetic decking prices have risen considerably, making natural wood decking options a lot more appealing.
  • The current cost of clear cedar decking made my eyes pop. Yes, the pricing will rise and fall with availability, but I have never seen it this high. Ever.

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