Choosing A Rooftop Deck System For An Award Winning Home

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When you build a rooftop deck, do you want a quality project that can withstand the elements and you can be proud of for years to come? Natural hardwood decking and the Eurotec rooftop deck system is a great option to consider. Check out this rooftop deck design.

 Garapa Rooftop Deck design and installation in Florida courtesy of Hughes Umbanhowar Architects

Rendering of the rooftop deck design (Courtesy of Clint Larkin, Architect)


When designing Tree Tops, an award-winning home in Jupiter, Florida, Hughes Umbanhowar Architects created a dream beach house rooftop deck that no one could resist. The deck stretches almost the full length of the third floor and takes advantage of the panoramic ocean view. And yes, there are palm treetops swaying in the tropical breezes.


“We are very happy with the decking…the end joints don’t seem to be expanding as much as they did with the composites, so that it looks a lot more stable....the clip system was very good", "It has been a successful system for sure.” - Clint Larkan, Architect


When designing this home, Clint Larkan, from Hughes Umbanhowar Architects, shared that the design team was looking for a sturdy deck system and premium, natural wood decking material that could withstand the harsh Florida elements. Working within a spec house budget, the designers sought the feel of teak but with the long-lasting durability of premium hardwood.


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The hardwood decking installed on this rooftop deck was Mataverde Garapa premium hardwood decking. Garapa is a sturdy and budget friendly decking option. Clint spoke with us about why they specified Garapa and the Eurotec rooftop deck system to achieve their design goals.

“On this particular project, we wanted a look similar to teak", Clint explained, " but we did not want the high cost." "We decided to go the Garapa route because it has a very nice orangey-golden color."


What's so special about Garapa decking? Learn more, click here.


rooftop deck installation in Jupiter Florida

A close up shot of the hidden deck fasteners being installed on a rooftop deck. The screws go into the aluminum joists, not the wood. (Photo courtesy of Charlie Kawas) 


Clint and the design team chose Mataverde natural Garapa hardwood because, “We have used composite materials and have had a lot of trouble with the material expanding in the sun lengthways along the boards. And it’s a struggle because you have to leave a certain amount of expansion gaps on the ends of the boards", he said, “ can see in the middle of the hollow planks and it’s not a good look.”

He also has experienced that, “A lot of clients want to go composite wood because of the so-called low maintenance, and we found that there was still a lot of maintenance.” He noted that, “we like the amber tones of the Garapa with the Penofin Hardwood Formula sealant. Even when it does silver out in the sun - that’s an aged look we really want to achieve.”


Want to know more about this low maintenance decking finish option?

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Neither the architects nor the installer, Charlie Kawas of CK Construction, had worked with the Eurotec rooftop deck system before. They were interested in the possibilities this deck system offered. As Kawas explained, “you’ve got to get it done in a timely fashion, but…quality is key. At the end of the day, you want it to look great. That’s how we got started with the Eurotec Rooftop Deck system.”


“I like that it’s a concealed fastener system. I’m not a fan of when you can see the face screw.... The clips hold the decking boards down very well. Nice, and tight. I think it’s a great system.”

-Charlie Kawas, Owner, CK Construction

Questions on the Eurotec Rooftop Deck System? Click here to learn more.


The Mataverde team provides rooftop deck layouts that help designers and builders meet their project requirements. If there is a better way to lay out the aluminum system profiles and rooftop deck pedestals, they look for it. Building a solid, high performance deck is a critical success factor. That’s why we partner with our customers to resolve tricky design issues.

Clint said working with the Mataverde team was, “Fantastic”. Charlie agreed. They were able to have frequent back-and-forth conversations with Mataverde to ask questions and resolve custom installation issues as they came up.

With the Mataverde Eurotec rooftop deck system, the Eurotec Aluminum System profile is used as deck joists. They are non-combustible, lay straighter and weigh less than wooden deck joists. The aluminum system profile joists also have a lower height than wood. This is often important in low clearance rooftop deck installations like this one.

 charlie ck construction pool deck rooftop deck treetops project jupiter FL twin fastners eurotecCharlie demonstrates the installation process of the adjustable pedestals and aluminum joists on the rooftop deck.


About the installation process, Charlie said, “I love the fact that it’s extremely rigid. 100% rigid. You’ve got 1.5” aluminum rails, that’s framing. And you’ve got the solid plastic pedestals that either click into the rails or you can screw them.…[and] any waste, you can use for bracing.”

Charlie continued, “And what’s also good is the joists lay out at a 19.2” on center, so it’s not your standard 16”. You get more out of it on your framing…the decking is 1” so it’s a solid system. Very solid,"


copy ck construction pool deck rooftop deck treetops project Jupiter FL Eurotec hidden deck fastenersEven during installation, the Eurotec rooftop deck system with hidden fasteners gives a smooth, luxurious look to the full length boards in the deck design. 


For a sleek look on the decking, Charlie ordered pre-grooved Garapa decking. Hidden deck fasteners were also chosen. Charlie, who describes himself as “meticulous” when it comes to deck installations, says, “I like that it’s a concealed fastener system. I’m not a fan of when you can see the face screw. When you see the screw on top of the board, it’s never as nice as when you don’t see any. So, I’m a fan. The clips hold the decking boards down very well. Nice, and tight. I think it’s a great system.”


Watch the Tree Tops rooftop deck installation videos from

Charlie Kawas on @mataverdecking Instagram Highlights.


Garapa premium hardwood decking material offered Clint the golden-orange tones and grain variations he was looking for, creating a rooftop deck as stunning as the view. Since this was his first use of Garapa he found that, “The material was very diverse, too. There was some dark pieces and light pieces and initially we were kind of concerned we wouldn’t get a consistent look. But by the time … you put it all together, it just nicely blends together. It did create a very nice finished product.”


rooftop deck with sunset

The natural beauty of Garapa hardwood colors and graining creates a warm, relaxing rooftop environment. Using only the Penofin Hardwood Sealer, the grain shines through.


He looks forward to checking in on this project as the Garapa ages and seeing the performance of the Eurotec rooftop deck system over the years. He expects great things.

“We are very happy with the decking…the end joints don’t seem to be expanding as much as they did with the composites, so that it looks a lot more stable. "The deck was designed with long decking boards and…the clip system was very good," he said. “It has been a successful system for sure.”

Clint and Charlie both plan to use the Eurotec Rooftop Deck System and Mataverde Garapa premium hardwood again in the future.


insta completed rooftop shot

The completed rooftop deck from below, with the palm tree treetops.


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