How Trespa Pura NFC Siding Saves You Money

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When you are planning a siding or re-cladding project, your initial costs seem so vitally important. Especially if you have a tight construction budget. But what happens if your siding choice needs to be repainted in a few years? Trespa Pura NFC sidings never need repainting and are exceptionally low maintenance.

Trespa Pura Romantic Walnut cladding on lakefront home in Southeast

Trespa Pura siding is a low maintenance, premium cladding option


Is Trespa Pura Siding Expensive?

There are so many siding and cladding options. From low cost vinyl siding to high cost stone and masonry. Each cladding option has its strengths and weakness - and different costs. You decide which siding product works best for your project.  Here's a recent siding cost comparison, materials only (no labor).

Image 56

Cost per square foot of some common siding material options


Trespa Pura siding is stunningly beautiful. Their wood decors look like real wood siding, except they never need refinishing or repainting. The ‘up-front’ cost of Trespa is about all you will pay. Labor cost for installation and material costs for the siding. No ongoing repainting or refinishing is required. An occasional cleaning as needed. Done.


Every type of siding requires an occasional cleaning, and this is true with Pura NFC siding, too.  With Trespa Pura, there is no need to worry about repainting or refinishing. An occasional cleaning is all it takes to keep Pura siding looking brand new. 


Are there hidden costs with different siding materials?


Yes. When you first look at the ‘upfront’ cost of your siding (labor and materials), the price can be a littler deceptive, because it does not include any maintenance costs. Flash forward five years or so, and your opinion is very likely to change. Especially if you selected a lower cost, higher maintenance siding material that now needs repainting, refinishing or replacement.


Wood siding and fiber cement siding need repainting and refinishing over time-1

Repaint any painted fiber cement and wood siding as needed - plan on the costs


Siding material options that require repainting or refinishing often cost a lot more over the life cycle of your project. Most of us tend to ignore the maintenance cost of building materials. That is, until our building materials need maintenance. Then, we get all concerned about the actual doing or scheduling the maintenance itself, and the cost of the repainting or refinishing.


Trespa Pura life cycle cost comparison

Trespa Pura on the wall costs stay pretty 'flat' over time 


Pura NFC sidings are an HPL (high pressure laminate) premium cladding solution. HPL cladding is engineered for top performance, durability, fade resistance and low maintenance. Sure, HPL cladding may cost a little more up front than low price siding options. But long term, your initial costs in Trespa repay you year after year. No maintenance, no worries, no extra unplanned expenses.

Trespa Pura siding Royal Mahogany wood decor

Trespa Pura sidings are available in eight low maintenance wood decors


How can I determine the real cost of siding?

Try doing a quick cost analysis before you get started. It’s pretty easy.

  • First, get a cost of labor and materials (up-front costs)
  • Next, get a price to repaint your siding.
  • Then add regular cleaning costs
  • Add them all up, over time.


That is a very basic way to do a life-cycle cost analysis. You can go a lot deeper if you like, but this will give you a quick comparison, before you make a buying decision on your siding material.

Here’s an example of a simplified life-cycle cost comparison between Pura siding, painted fiber cement siding, and painted cedar wood siding. Assumes cleaning the siding every 2 years, and repainting the fiber cement siding and wood siding every 5 years.

Save money- Trespa Pura siding life cycle cost compared to fiber cement and cedar siding

Trespa may look more expensive up front, but ten years, 5 cleanings and zero repainting later, the total cost of Pura is significantly lower than a typical painted siding material.  Save money for years with Trespa Pura siding, beautifully. Choose from eight different Pura wood decors and more.



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