What is Pura NFC Siding by Trespa?  Frequently Asked Questions

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Pura NFC Siding by Trespa is coming into its own as a premium cladding option. Pura siding works great for residential and light commercial designs. See what Pura is and why you may want it for your home or building.

 Trespa Pura siding Slate Ebony decor

Pura NFC siding Slate Ebony wood decor


What is Pura?

Pura NFC Siding by Trespa is a high-pressure laminate (HPL). High pressure laminates are manufactured to withstand all types of punishment. Pura siding is a chemical resistant, weather resistant and exceptionally color stable premium siding option. It works great on residential homes and light commercial designs.

 PURA NFC siding installs easily and looks great

Pura is a beautiful, durable, and exceptionally low maintenance premium cladding solution. Pura will add exceptional good locks and property value wherever it is installed. More about Pura siding here.


How old is the company?

Trespa International has been in operation since 1960, making high quality laminated products for residential, commercial, industrial, and medical use. The company is based in the Netherlands and ships material worldwide.


How well does Pura perform?

Trespa Pura siding undergoes a battery of performance and environmental tests. And it absolutely crushes them. Pura exceeds the requirements for chemical resistance, impact resistance, flexibility, durability, and many others. Learn more about Trespa quality testing procedures here.

Trespa HPL quality inspection


Does HPL siding dent like metal siding?

No, it does not. Pura is exceptionally impact resistant and will not ding or dent like metal siding. For more comparisons, check out this article and see how Pura resists fading compared to metal siding.

 Pura hardness and impact resistance


Does Pura warp like vinyl siding?

No.  Have you ever seen vinyl siding warp on the side of a house during hot weather? Vinyl siding will expand and contract wildly during temperature extremes (both winter and summer). Pura NFC siding shows minor expansion and contraction and will not warp like vinyl siding. 

low priced vinyl siding can create problems on your home

Learn more about Pura siding performance compared to vinyl siding here



Does Pura NFC siding develop mold like fiber cement siding?


No. Pura has a closed cell surface that resists water and chemicals from entering the face of the siding. The wood fibers are impregnated with thermoset resins, under pressure. Pura NFC siding is not susceptible to mold and decay like fiber cement siding. Compare Pura to fiber cement siding here.

when fiber cement siding cracks it can create moisture and rot problems

Fiber cement siding may crack and when it does it creates moisture problems and a point of failure


Will Pura rot like some wood siding?

No, Trespa Pura siding will not rot like softwood siding.  Pura is about 70% wood based, but the wood fiber is encapsulated in resins that will not rot or decay. 


What colors does Pura come in?

Pura is available in a variety of gorgeous wood decors and several Lumen decors. The Lumen decors are light diffusing and have a rich, solid, matte appearance. The wood decors have the great looks of natural wood siding but are much easier to clean and maintain. Check out standard Pura color selections here.

 Pura NFC Siding wood decors-1


Do I need to repaint Pura?

No. Pura is color-fast, resists fading, and never needs repainting throughout its entire lifecycle.



How long will Pura siding last?

Pura NFC is warranted against fading for 10 years, even in the most punishing weather conditions. It is not uncommon for Pura to last fifteen to twenty years and longer.



How much does Pura cost?

Pura is a premium quality and premium priced cladding material that offers a great look for the façade of your home or building. To put Pura prices in context with other siding options, see the latest comparative siding price comparisons here.


Why should I spend that much money on my house?

Pura siding instantly adds beauty and curb appeal to your home or building. So, it's beautiful and makes you feel good every time you walk in the door.

Pura also adds value - and resale value - to your dwelling.  And if lifecycle costs are important to you, Pura siding has one of the lowest life cycle costs of any siding options.

Couple with SOLD sign Trespa


How hard is Pura siding to install?

Pura siding can be installed in a rainscreen assembly quickly and effectively. Trespa Pura can be installed in a traditional rainscreen wall assembly using wood furring strips with a protective membrane. Learn more about the traditional Pura rainscreen installation method here.

 Installing Trespa Pura Tropical Ipe wood decor siding on buildingPura NFC siding installation with furring strips


A faster and more efficient method for installing Pura siding over plywood or OSB is with the Climate-Shield rainscreen system. The CST1 rainscreen components were designed exclusively for use with Pura NFC siding by Trespa. This method is a time saver, labor saver and creates a more efficient rainscreen. Learn more about Climate-Shield Pura installation here.

Climate-Shield Pura NFC siding by Trespa Installation

Installing Pura siding with Climate-Shield fasteners saves time and creates a better rainscreen



Can Pura be installed vertically?

Yes. Pura sidings can be installed vertically for a unique look. The Climate-Shield system is the best way to design and install Trespa Pura vertically. https://www.mataverdedecking.com/blog/best-way-to-install-trespa-pura-nfc-siding-vertically

Trespa Pura NFC Sidings vertical installation


Do you have real pictures of Pura siding?

Yes, we have many real project pictures of Pura NFC siding in our Pura siding galleries. For residential siding project photos, visit this gallery.

If you’re looking for commercial project pictures of Trespa Pura, visit this gallery.


Can I get samples of Pura siding?

Yes. You can go to this page to order real samples of Pura NFC siding.  Tell us where to ship your samples to.


Need some more residential project pictures for a little design inspiration?



Designing or remodeling a commercial property? get siding ideas here.



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