Best Way to Install Trespa Pura NFC Siding Vertically

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Vertical siding installation is all the rage right now. And Pura NFC sidings by Trespa are a premium cladding solution. Installing Trespa Pura siding vertically just got a whole lot easier. Introducing the Climate-Shield Rainscreen System vertical siding components for Pura siding installations.

Trespa Pura NFC Sidings vertical installationTrespa Pura NFC Sidings install beautifully vertically


The CSTV system is designed for fast and highly effective vertical installation of Trespa Pura sidings over plywood or OSB exterior sheathing. It includes Climate-Shield rainscreen clips to fasten the siding, a starter rail to set your vertical Pura siding planks on and intermediate plank supports for setting vertical planks on taller walls.

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How did this party get started?

You asked us for a way to install Trespa Pura sidings without all the furring strips.  We listened. First we developed the Climate-Shield CST1 rainscreen clip. The Climate-Shield CST1 fastener, is designed specifically for installing Trespa Pura planks over plywood exterior sheathings, without using furring strips. The CST1 fastener can be used for installing Pura NFC sidings either horizontally or vertically. By eliminating the need for furring strips for field siding, three wonderful things happen.

First, you save the expense of furring strips. Second you save all the time and labor costs for installing furring strips. Thirdly, by eliminating most of the furring strips, you have created a pressure equalized rainscreen system. A pressure equalized back ventilated rainscreen dries out quickly and creates a high performance sustainable rainscreen design.


More about Climate-Shield CST1 Installation


Since the CST1 rainscreen clip was first introduced for horizontal siding installations of Pura NFC sidings, the feedback we have been receiving from contractors has been incredible. An experienced contractor in California that has done several Pura installations using furring strips, estimated his labor savings at more than 30% using the CST1 fastening system. more than 30% of his labor costs by using the Climate-Shield CST1 rainscreen system than he did on his last Pura siding installation using furring strips.


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And he is not alone. Other installation crews have shared similar stories of time and labor savings of up to and over 25% on Pura NFC siding installations. Hmm. Labor savings. Cost savings. Time savings. Better installation. Better wall system performance. What is next?

Vertical siding installation can be tricky when using furring strips

Normally, with furring strips, you need the wall to drain properly so installing furring strips vertically is the first step. But then you need to add an additional layer of furring strips horizontally to create fastening points for your siding. Wait, what just happened? Well, sorry to tell you, but you just spent twice as much time, money. and labor with furring strips than you need to. And your wall cavity is now ‘double deep’. “Oh no! Help!"

Trespa Pura soffits and vertical siding


There’s got to be a better way to install Pura NFC sidings vertically.

There is now. We heard you and went right to work. Meet the Climate-Shield CSTV rainscreen system for Pura NFC sidings by Trespa. The Climate-Shield CSTV rainscreen system begins with the CSTVSR8 vertical starter rail. Installing this pre-drilled starter rail is quick. And installing it level is simple. The weep holes on the bottom of the starter rail allows any moisture in the rainscreen cavity to drain quickly. This keeps your wall dry and eliminates the potential for moisture and mold build up.

Trespa Pura vertical design for apartments  using multiple colors

The Climate-Shield CST1 rainscreen clip works the same way for vertical Pura siding installations as it does for horizontal installations. The only difference is the ‘top and bottom’ of the Pura siding planks are now the ‘left and right’.

To save you time and ‘trial and error’ mistakes, we have developed Climate-Shield CST1 Vertical Installation Guidelines for Pura NFC sidings.


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