Incredible Ipe Wood Rainscreen Design in Boston

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On the former site of the iconic Anthony’s Pier 4 Restaurant in Boston, 110 new luxury residences are reclaiming the beauty of the Boston waterfront.  The Ipe rainscreen design is exceptional, featuring curves and bends that resemble a wooden ship’s hull.  And the workmanship and woodworking would make even a master craftsman stand up and take notice. Check it out.

Pier 4 luxury apartments in Boston feature Ipe rain screen, Ipe decks and more 

Pier 4 luxury residences viewed from across Boston Harbor


SHoP Architects, who has been instrumental in the revival of New York City’s waterfront and piers for decades, lends their expertise to Boston’s Seaport District. SHoP, as the lead architect for this project, describes this development as “a pivotal way-station on the city’s extensive Harbor Walk network and a lasting contribution to the ongoing revitalization of the Fort Point Channel neighborhood”.  We agree.

Ipe rainscreen siding and soffits

Ipe hardwood rainscreen and soffits adorn the entryways


In addition to the residences above, there are spaces for retail and dining below with access from the street and waterfront park.  The building shape, inspired by traditional structures on many of Boston’s old piers, fits right in.  The dining area pays respect to the heritage of Anthony’s Pier 4 Restaurant. Former Mayor Thomas Menino, dubbed this area the “Innovation District”, and was part of the master plan to create a thriving neighborhood for residents to live, work and enjoy Boston.

Ipe benches, Ipe fascia and siding

Hardwood benches, plantings and stone add natural appeal to landscape design


Outside the residences, landscape architects Reed Hildebrand do justice to the grounds with exceptional plantings, natural Ipe hardwood benches, walkways and more.  An overhanging natural hardwood deck offers a panoramic overlook and a one-acre park welcome residents and visitors.  Additional Ipe hardwood decking and walkways integrated into this portion of the Harbor Walk serve as a connector to the seaport district master plan.

Ipe rainscreen curved and straight

Curved Ipe hardwood rainscreen siding and Harbor Walk


The entrances to the ground level retail and restaurants feature spectacular woodworking. The Ipe hardwood rainscreen is an exceptional example of master craftsmanship. The millwork team at Mark Richey Woodwork went ‘old school’ to make wood do things you didn’t think it could.  Check out the curved installation of the ship’s hull design.  Traditional techniques typically used by boat wrights and closely guarded secrets of ancient mariners were summoned to create this layout.

Ipe rain screen steamed, bent, curved and fastened using old school millwork and shipwright techniques 

Ipe rainscreen curves around many corners reminiscent of wooden boat construction


The curved Ipe soffits are another great example of amazing architectural woodworking technique.  In many sections, the soffits curve in multiple directions, on two planes. Wow. The look is almost breathtaking.  The fascia, too, is designed and built with Ipe hardwood siding and the Climate-Shield rainscreen system

Ipe rainscreen soffits and fascia curve - like magic

Spectacular craftsmanship on natural Ipe hardwood rainscreen soffits and fascia


Above the soffits and fascia, a living roof grows atop the overhead architectural element. The environmental sensitivity of the design, use of natural and sustainable building materials all contribute to earn LEED certification for this building.

Amazing Ipe soffitand fascia with live plantings for green roof

Living landscape roof tops off Ipe soffits and rainscreen fascia


Each waterfront residence features a rooftop balcony deck with stunning views of the city and Boston Harbor. The design team selected all natural Ipe hardwood decking for its remarkable durability and beauty. The Ipe decking was pre-grooved, milled into exact widths, and fastened to sleepers with Mataverde Hidden Deck Fasteners.

The result of all this planning, precision and attention to detail are beautiful balcony decks. To make these cozy natural hardwood decks even more intimate, matching Ipe hardwood rainscreen siding adorns the privacy walls of each rooftop deck.

Ipe balcony decks and rainscreen privacy walls  

Ipe hardwood decks and wood rainscreen afford views and privacy on balcony decks


And the penthouse units all have their own private rooftop decks and terraces. Here's an example of an Ipe hardwood deck with matching Ipe rainscreen siding, from the realtor's portfolio. The airy setting is naturally beautiful. The views are incredible. Life is good.

Ipe decking and rainscreen on penthouse at Pier 4 Advisors Living

Ipe rooftop deck and rainscreen on Pier 4 penthouse unit (courtesy of Advisors Living)


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