Water Infiltration and How Wood Rainscreens Work

Posted by John Parent on Tue, Jun 2, 2020 @ 05:06 AM

Most people in the building community understand what a rainscreen is.  Simply put, it is a separation of the cladding of a building from the structure of the building.  It’s like adding a second layer of protection against the elements. Why do we need it?  Because water is trying to kill your house.  While that may sound a little melodramatic, the truth is, water will make its way into any building eventually.  How does this happen and what can you do to protect your home?

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Spectacular Wood Rainscreen Project in Tennessee

Posted by Chris Nolan on Tue, Jan 14, 2020 @ 05:01 AM

Check out this amazing rainscreen project on a new home in the scenic Nashville, Tennessee suburbs. The design build team incorporated lots of combinations of the Climate-Shield rainscreen system into this home. Indoors. Outdoors. Walls.  Siding. Ceilings. Soffits. Corners. Doors. And, so can you.  Imagine some incredible design ideas for your next project.

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5 Ways Climate-Shield Rainscreens Help Contractors

Posted by Chris Nolan on Tue, Dec 10, 2019 @ 05:12 AM

All wood siding rainscreens look beautiful from the outside. But it’s what’s happening BEHIND the siding that makes all the difference in the world. Beauty is only skin deep.  And all rain screens are not created equal.  There are major differences.  Here are 5 compelling reasons Climate-Shield helps contractors – and owners, too.

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Top 5 Tips for Vertical Wood Rain Screen Installation

Posted by Chris Nolan on Tue, Nov 19, 2019 @ 04:11 AM

Many builders appreciate the beauty of real wood cladding. The benefits of a well-designed rain screen system, are frequently specified, and many architects and design professionals want to run the wood siding vertically. If you are bidding on or installing a vertical wood rain screen project, here’s a few installation tips we hope you find helpful. The Climate-Shield system allows for lots of flexibility for vertical, horizontal and even diagonal rain screen installations.

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Incredible Ipe Wood Rainscreen Design in Boston

Posted by Chris Nolan on Tue, Nov 12, 2019 @ 05:11 AM

On the former site of the iconic Anthony’s Pier 4 Restaurant in Boston, 110 new luxury residences are reclaiming the beauty of the Boston waterfront.  The Ipe rainscreen design is exceptional, featuring curves and bends that resemble a wooden ship’s hull.  And the workmanship and woodworking would make even a master craftsman stand up and take notice. Check it out.

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