Mataverde Thermowood Approved for Climate-Shield Rain Screen

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Testing and evaluating thermally modified woods has been a focal point in our pursuit of innovative siding solutions. The outcome of this exploration led us to the exceptional stability and performance offered by Mataverde® ThermoWood.

Developed and tested in Scandinavia more than 20 years ago, Mataverde ThermoWood technology permanently modifies the cell walls of ordinary woods. It creates a sustainable siding material with great looks and remarkable performance. Because of its unique performance, stability and durability, Thermowood has been approved for use with the Climate-Shield Rainscreen System.

Mataverde novathermowood rainscreen siding

Mataverde ThermoWood cladding adds the natural  beauty of real wood to facades

Mataverde Thermowood is real wood siding

The innovative steaming and drying process adds no chemicals or toxins to the wood. What you are left with is a thermally modified wood that performs admirably, for interior or exterior exterior use. ThermoWood siding is a sustainable natural hardwood cladding solution for rain screen projects. The ThermoWood process makes the woods very stable (little expansion and contraction) and very durable (the process cooks the sugars out of the original wood) making it very resistant to mold, insects, rot and decay.

Learn details and see inspiring projects that were created with Climate-Shield's innovative system and can be used with ThermoWood siding. Download the Ultimate Guide to Wood Rainscreen Siding here.

Climate-Shield Rainscreen System Meets Project Criteria

Over the past ten years, Climate-Shield has rapidly become the mostly widely specified wood rainscreen system in North America. The high performance of the marine grade aluminum components for Climate-Shield rain screen clips, starter rails, attachment channels and outside corners are designed to withstand the forces of nature and the test of time. Climate-Shield’s design flexibility, reliable fastening for a variety of both residential and commercial wall assemblies has caught the attention of many of the most widely respected architectural design firms. 


Mataverde novathermowood rainscreen siding vertical and horizontal

The Climate-Shield Rainscreen System allows for vertical designs with real wood cladding


When you add a long-lasting, all natural wood cladding as the façade for the Climate-Shield rain screen system, the entire wall assembly is both naturally beautiful and enduring. Mataverde Thermowood meets the mark as a durable and desirable cladding option for this high-performance rain screen system. Using Mataverde Thermowood siding with the Climate-Shield system allows architects and designers to creatively incorporate the warmth and natural appearance of real wood into their designs.


Mataverde Thermally Modified Hardwood Siding Info

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Mataverde Thermally Modified Hem Fir Wood Siding info

Mataverde Thermally Modified Hem Fir Wood Siding Picture Galleries


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