Tiny Home Gets a Gorgeous Garapa Hardwood Deck

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There’s lots of interest in tiny homes, sustainable living and reduced carbon footprints. On this lovely project, the owners built this artist studio in the same vein. Low on environmental impact, high on natural beauty. This studio nestles nicely into the woods along the Maine seashore. The Garapa hardwood deck lets them enjoy the scenery inside and out.

Garapa hardwood deck on Maine coast Garapa hardwood deck adds instant beauty and living space

The owners designed and built this structure as an artist studio separate from the main cottage. It is a single room (about 10 x 11) with 9 windows, offering a 360-degree view.  The secluded setting makes this studio a perfect getaway spot. Built in 2006, both the cottage and this single room building served a single purpose. A peaceful seaside haven to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily city life.

Artist getaway before adding Garapa deckOriginal artist studio had a great view but limited access - and no deck

But something was missing. Prior to the deck there was only a narrow walk way to the front door of the studio. To provide more access and better use of this space, they built a deck in 2013. The homeowner was a novice deck builder. But that didn't hold him back. He did a great job with the footings, framework and ventilation on this low clearance deck. For high performance at an affordable cost, they chose Garapa hardwood decking.  For secure fastening, stainless steel deck screws worked great.

Garapa hardwood decking adds instant beautyDon't you just love the way he left the birch trees to grow right through the Garapa deck?

As soon as he built the deck, it added instant beauty to this one room structure. We thought we'd check in and see how it was going.  Nearly five years later, the Garapa decking has weathered exceptionally well. It has already achieved the silver-gray ‘driftwood’ appearance coastal areas are famous for.  The weathered look of the Garapa hardwood decking is in perfect harmony with this natural serene setting. 

Garapa decking weathers nicely after five years to silver patinaGarapa decking weathers nicely to a silvery gray patina on the Maine coast

Here's some proof that decks don't need to be big to enjoy them. The Garapa hardwood deck more than doubles the usable space and creates a peaceful retreat to enjoy the wonders of nature and coastal living.  Low maintenance. High enjoyment.

Garapa hardwood decking weathers nicely

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