Trespa Pura Sidings Approved in Florida

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Trespa Pura is a durable cladding product. Trespa offers the beauty of real in a low maintenance siding material that doesn’t need painting or refinishing. Trespa Pura just got easier to use than ever. Florida has the toughest building requirements in North America. Trespa was recently approved for use in the State of Florida. Read all about it.

Nearly everyone in the design and construction industries knows how stringent Florida building code requirements are. And rightly so, Florida has some extreme weather events, especially hurricanes. To make sure that building materials can withstand this tough climate, Florida requires some very rugged testing. Most people consider Florida building materials testing the most rigorous in the US.


Trespa Pura Romantic Walnut cladding on residential homeHigh performance Trespa Pura siding is available in eight wood decors


Testing Trespa Pura sidings for usage in a High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) means building an entire wall assembly. Then the mocked up wall assembly gets vigorously tested to ensure it meets all the building code requirements. Two of the key test factors are measuring the performance against high wind loads and impact resistance. Florida building officials want to know if the siding will survive through a hurricane. And so do we.  Will it break from impact if it gets struck by flying debris in a hurricane? Will Trespa stay on the wall during a hurricane? 

Trespa Pura meets impact resistance requirements. The ‘small missile test’ measures the impact resistance of the siding by firing 30 steel balls (about the size of a BB) at 90 miles per hour at a test wall. This simulates small pieces of windblown debris in an actual hurricane. Trespa told us their siding was impact resistant and performs well in hailstorms, and the testing proves their claim.

Trespa Pura wood decor siding performs great in hurricane zones

Will Trespa Pura siding stay on the wall during a hurricane? Testing proves Trespa Pura can withstand a maximum design pressure ± 80.0 PSF. What does this mean? In layman’s terms this means Trespa Pura siding can withstand wind loads up to approximately 178 MPH. Both positive and negative wind pressure is tested. When a wind blows over a structure it creates a negative pressure on the leeward side of the home or building. Many people don’t realize that this negative pressure is more powerful than a direct wind load because it can literally pull the siding off a wall. There are two types of wind loads that are tested; static pressure and cyclic pressure.

Static wind load testing uses a steady fixed speed of wind load for the test. Static wind load testing is important because it tests how well the siding will perform over a long duration during a sustained wind.  They test this with both positive and negative wind pressure. Trespa Pura siding meets the requirements for static wind load testing ± 80 PSF.

They perform cyclic wind load testing at a variable speed, on and off, type of testing. Cyclic testing is important, too, because it simulates the effects of wind gusts and bursts that happen during a hurricane. This 'herky-jerky' type of aggressive testing is almost like yanking at a piece of siding. Then stopping. Then starting again. Even in this testing, Trespa Pura siding meets the requirements for ± 80 PSF dynamic design load.

Trespa Pura was also recently approved for use in Miami-Dade, the toughest code requirements in North America.


Trespa Pura Romantic Walnut wood decor is the star of this facade

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