Vertical Ipe Wood Rainscreen Rocks Tennessee Home

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Have you ever wanted to install hardwood rainscreen vertically but worry it's too much time and labor? Would you be interested in an easier way? 

In Tennessee, home of the country music capitol, this vertical rainscreen installation rocks! Used on the exterior walls and soffits, it uses no furring strips and a one-screw, low profile clip fastener. This showcases the Ipe hardwood rainscreen star power while saving time and labor.

Amazing wood rainscreen project in Tennessee pool deck and soffit-2

Stunning mix of Ipe hardwood exterior and soffits over a stone patio, with full height windows.


Combining Easier Installation with Long-Lasting Ipe Wood Siding

This home was designed with a modern elegance that blends with the landscape by using natural materials on the exterior, even wood soffits. They chose Mataverde Ipe hardwood cladding for both the rainscreen siding and the soffits. Then they had them pre-finished a semi-transparent gray tint to provide an 'instantly weathered' look.



The design called for vertical rainscreen installation and wood soffits. The Climate-Shield rainscreen system was used to save the time and expense of installing multiple furring strips along the building envelope. Instead, the design team chose the CS-10 specialty rain screen clip and starter rail.

The CS10 rainscreen clip works great for soffits. aluminum clip requires one screw to fasten. Contractors tell us how impressed they are with how much it speeds up the installation process. 


More information about the Climate-Shield system here.


Ipe wood rainscreen is one of the most popular choices by design professionals, builders and homeowners alike for it’s strength, durability and beauty that lasts decades. Combine Ipe wood siding with the ease of installation with the Climate-Shield® rainscreen system, and it elevates your whole project to the next level.


Photo_Sep_10_19 07-02-53 PMIpe Rainscreen wraps the entire house in vertical siding and soffits. 


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"What are the benefits of the CS10 Rainscreen System?"

The patented design of clips and starter rail are what eliminates the need for furring strips.  Instead, the starter rail is attached to the building envelope with the marine-grade aluminum CS-10 specialty clip. This creates several benefits for the professional and the homeowner. 


Photo_Sep_10_19 07-01-27 PM-1

The low-profile CS-10 rainscreen clip is especially helpful for wood soffit installation.


The CS10 specialty rainscreen clip has a lower-profile installation, which means it works with most existing windows and doors - without adding extra trim. That's great news for new construction or home exterior remodeling and re-cladding projects. 

The rainscreen system also creates a minimum 10 mm (approx. 3/8") gap or wall cavity that allows the siding to "breathe" better than traditional siding, and allows moisture to naturally evaporate up and out. No mold and rot from trapped water to worry about. 


Photo_Sep_10_19 06-59-42 PM-1

The low-profile Climate-Shield rainscreen installation means no extra trim needed for most windows and doors.


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The CS-10 clip allows for beautiful and long-lasting natural hardwood façades and soffits. This opens up your design options.  And Ipe is the most dense hardwood siding material available, and is naturally rot and insect-resistant. No worries about getting insects or water behind the siding, a big plus in humid states like Tennessee. 

Ipe hardwood siding is proven to last for decades with little to no maintenance. On this exterior it can be cleaned as needed and choose to re-tint as needed, or allow it to weather naturally to a silver gray. It's a personal preference. 


Photo_Sep_10_19 07-00-53 PMPrefinished gray-tinted siding gives a weathered look from the start, and can be maintained or allowed to weather naturally in the future.



Download the free guide to How Hardwoods Weather, click here. 



Does this help you consider a vertical rainscreen installation? Ready to learn more? To get you started, we have put together rainscreen project portfolios and installation information for you. Let us know how we can help with your next project.





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