Compare Mataverde Garapa to Red Cedar and Pressure Treated Decking




Garapa Decking vs. Other Wood Decking

Mataverde Premium Garapa Hardwood Decking is much stronger and lasts far longer than red cedar decking and pressure treated decking. Garapa decking materials beat cedar decking and treated lumber decking on nearly every measurable characteristic.  Garapa hardwood is a beautiful, long lasting and affordable decking material option. Compare Garapa hardwood decking to softwood red cedar decking and pressure treated decking materials below.

Garapa hardwood, also known as Brazilian Oak or Brazilian Ash is a beautiful hardwood that has a golden to yellowish brown color that darkens with age. The wood appears to shift from dark to light coloring in different lighting angles, which gives the wood a unique and aesthetically interesting appearance. When it comes to choosing premium hardwood decking, Garapa hardwood decking exceeds softwood decking species in many ways, which you can see below.  Garapa decking is durable and has a high rot resistance and good insect resistance which makes it a great choice when looking for an affordable premium hardwood decking with a long life span.




Mataverde Garapa Decking vs. Red Cedar and Pressure Treated Decking


mataverde garapa decking vs. other wood decking

PHOTO: Mataverde Garapa Deck with Ipe Accents and Posts 


As you will see from the chart below, Garapa decking beats red cedar decking and pressure treated decking handily on density, span capacity, strength, splintering, rot resistance, decay resistance and more. For more information about affordable Mataverde Premium Garapa Hardwood Decking and other decking material choices, please click any of the links below.

Product Characteristics Garapa Decking Red Cedar Decking  Pressure Treated Decking
Real Wood Product   Yes Yes Yes
Sustainably Harvested Material Yes Sometimes  Sometimes
Low Maintenance   Yes No No
Warranty   Yes No No
Insect Resistance   Yes No No
Rot resistance   Yes No No
Cupping   Low Medium High  
Splitting   Low Medium High  
Warping   Low Medium High  
Checking   Low High   High  
Splintering Low Medium High  
Heat retention   Low Low Low
Stability    High  Medium Medium
Strength High Medium Medium
Span Capacity  High  Medium Medium
Density High Low Medium
Initial Decking Cost  Low-Med Medium Low
Life Cycle cost / SF / year   Low High   High