Technical Information and Mechanical Characteristics 

Hardwood Decking, Wood Decking and Synthetic Decking


Mataverde® Premium Ipe, Premium Cumaru and Premium Garapa Decking are all long-lasting, strong and durable hardwoods that clearly outperform other commonly used decking materials. On virtually every technical measure of strength and durability (see chart below), Mataverde® Premium Decking products are far and away superior to redwood, pressure treated lumber, composite decking products, cedar and mahogany.


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Technical Differences Between Decking Materials


To help our customers make an informed buying decision we have created the following chart which explains the technical differences between different species of premium hardwoods such as Ipe wood decking, Garapa decking, Cumaru decking. We hope that this information will help you to identify the best hardwood decking for your project's specific needs and specifications. Please contact us if we may be of assistance.



NAME Mataverde Ipe Mataverde Cumaru Mataverde Garapa Philippine Mahogany Western Red Cedar Redwood Composite Decking CCA-Treated Pine
Botanical name Tabebuia spp. Dipteryx odorata Apuleia molaris Shorea spp. Thuya plicata Sequoia Semper-Virens N/A Pinus spp.
Type Hardwood Hardwood Hardwood Hardwood Softwood Softwood Plastic / Wood Softwood
Maintenance Low Low Low Medium Medium Medium Low High
Decay Resistance High High Medium High Medium Medium Medium Varies Varies
Termite Resistance High High Medium Low Low Low Varies Varies
Strength High High Medium-High Medium Medium-Low Medium-Low Low Medium
Fire Rating Class A A A C C C C Varies
Weight / cu. ft. 69 lbs. 67 lbs. 54 lbs. 32 - 42 lbs. 30 lbs. 30 lbs. 60 - 64 lbs. 35lbs.
Bending Strength
(in psi)
25,400 22,400 12,900 9,500 - 11,400 6,800 7,900 1,423 - 4,500 9,900 - 14,500
Shear Strength 2,060 2,395 1,475 970 - 1,450 900 940 561 - 1,010 1,370
Hardness 3,680 3,340 1,631 460 - 802 580 480 940 - 1,390 690