Garapa Decking vs. Other Wood Decking Materials

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Garapa is a high density hardwood decking material that stands Garapa decking is strong and beautifulthe test of time. The warm golden tones make Garapa wood a lighter colored natural wood decking option. Like all tropical high density hardwood decking species, Garapa decking is beautiful, very stable and highly durable.  Garapa decking is an affordably priced hardwood decking material that costs less than most synthetic decking products.

Garapa is a high density hardwood decking materialWhen compared to other high density hardwood decking materials, like Ipe decking and Cumaru decking, Garapa may be a little softer but it is still one and a half times harder than oak!. Garapa is also finer grained and lighter in color than Ipe or Cumaru decking. While Garapa does have some exotic graining and striping typical of high density hardwoods, overall Garapa decking is more uniformly colored and grained.

Garapa truly outshines other wood decking materials. When compared to softwood decking materials like pressure treated pine decking and cedar decking, Garapa decking is much harder, stronger and considerably more durable. If you desire, Garapa can be left to weather naturally to a silvery gray patina without staining or oiling the Grapa deck boards.  Cedar decking and pressure treated decking need to be protected from the elements by regularly staining, painting or sealing hte deck boards to prevent them from rotting, checking, splitting or cracking.

Not only is Garapa decking affordable, it lasts a long time, too. Mataverde Premium Garapa Decking carries a 25 year limited warranty against decay and insect infestation. The long term life cycle costs of Garapa decking and other high density hardwood decking species are among the lowest of any other decking material options.

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