Cumaru Decking vs. Other Wood Decking Materials

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Cumaru is a beautiful high density tropical hardwood with truly remarkable Cumaru decking is real hardwood decking materialcharacteristics. The yellowish brown to reddish brown color of Cumaru decking combined with its exotic graining and striping make Cumaru a beautiful decking material option. The high density and extremely high fiber strength make Cumaru one of the strongest decking materials in the world. Cumaru decking can span long distances while still remaining nearly inflexible. The high density of Cumaru also makes it very resistant to rot and decay. Cumaru decking can last for twenty five years and longer without any chemical preservatives.

Cumaru decking has clear advantages in terms of strength, beauty, hardness and durability when compared to other real wood decking materials, such as pressure treated yellow pine decking and cedar decking,  Cumaru decking outlasts these softwood decking species by many years and does not require sealers, staining and protective coatings for maintenance. pressure treated decking and red cedar decking have a tendency to rot and decay rather quickly unless they are constantly maintained with protective coatings. The rich exotic graining of Cumaru decking makes it a handsome alternative to lesser wood decking material options.

5/4x6 Cumaru decking with hidden fasteners by the waterCumaru decking materials are available in the same price range as clear red cedar decking. Even better, Cumaru decking will outlast softwood decking significantly making a deck made with Cumaru an excellent long term investment. The life cycle cost of a Cumaru deck is one of the lowest of all decking material options. Cumaru decking lasts and lasts- beautifully.

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