Garapa Decking vs. Composite Decking

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Garapa Hardwood DeckGarapa decking is a high density hardwood decking material that is starting to garner a lot of well deserved attention. The golden tones of Garapa wood will add a warm hue to any decking project. The high density of this hardwood decking species makes Garapa naturally resistant to decay and insects. Garapa is a durable and beautiful real wood decking material that is earning its respect one stunning deck project at a time.

The great strength of Garapa decking allows it to span much greater distances than composite decking and other synthetic decking materials. Image 39Garapa is much harder than synthetic decking, which makes a deck made from Garapa extremely resistant to scratches and gouges.  When plastic decking or composite decking gets scratched and gouged by pets or from outdoor furniture, there is no good way to repair the damage. If Garapa decking were somehow scratched, a light sanding with 80 grit sandpaper solves the problem easily and immediately.


If building green and using eco-friendly decking materials is a concern for you, consider this; Garapa decking is harvested using sustainable yield forestry methods including FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). This environmentally sensitive harvesting method ensures that are at least as many trees available at the end of a harvesting project as there were in the beginning. Unlike many of the synthetic decking products, no petroleum is used in the product or the manufacture of the Garapa wood. The mills where the Garapa is sawn into deck boards use recycled wood materials to provide the electricity for this process.

garapa decking has lovely golden brown tones


The price of plastic decking is rising as quickly as the cost of oil used to produce many of these synthetic decking materials. Garapa decking is very affordable- Garapa is considerably less expensive than plastic decking and other higher priced composite decking options.  Better yet, Garapa decking has a life expectancy of 25 years or longer, so the long term cost of a Garapa deck is one of the lowest long-term decking options. 

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If you are interested in additional information about Garapa decking and other decking material options, "The Ultimate Guide to Building Green with Sustainable Decking" is a terrific tool for learning. Download this FREE whitepaper about decking by clicking on the button below:



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