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In your quest to find the best decking material for you, there are lots of criteria you may want to consider.  While some decking materials clearly perform better than others, who's to say which decking material is the right one for your deck project? Only you.  Ultimately you will be the one to decide on the right decking material for you. Different people have different tastes, lifestyles, uses for their deck, deck budgets, etc. 

To find the best decking for your needs, it is well worth your time to do some research. There are many decking materials available out there that you won't find in glitzy advertisements ...and they may just be the best fit for your decking project. the time you spend learning now will reward you down the road with many years of enjoyment on your new deck.

FSC certified hardwood decking with stainless steel screw deck fasteners

To make your decking comparison easier, we have developed this handy decking material comparison chart that shows some of the characteristics of various decking material options:

Decking material comparisons chart

There may be other factors you want to consider when choosing your decking, too. By all means, add those items to your list. Have a little fun! Heck, if you're planning to be enjoying your deck for a long time, don't you owe it to yourself to get it right the first time?

If you'd like to take a deeper dive and see how various decking materials compare, download the "Ultimate Guide to Selecting the Right Decking".  This comprehensive guide started as a tool to help architects and designers specify appropriate materials for their project designs.  Now, it's yours for free.


Decking Material Options:

High density hardwood decking is an all natural decking material option.  Some of the best performing hardwood decking material species are Ipe, Cumaru, Garapa, Machiche, Thermowood decking and others.  High density hardwood decking options


Mataverde thermowood deck

Softwood decking options include pine, fir, cedar, redwood and other wood species. Plastic/PVC decking is a synthetic product that contains no wood. 'Composite' decking is another synthetic decking material that is a mixture of wood 'flour' and finely ground plastics. Painted aluminium decking is another decking material option.

Decking Material Price Comparisons:

After you've decided what type of look you'd like for your decking investment, you need to find out if it meets your decking budget. Check out this page for decking price comparisons.  Or feel free to request a decking quote today:



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