Garapa Outdoor Wood Project Ideas

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Outdoor Project Ideas using Garapa Hardwood

Because of its great workability, strength, long-lasting character and honey blond coloration, Garapa wood is often chosen for outdoor projects. Garapa hardwood is about one and a half times harder than oak but is much more resistant to the elementswhen used on exterior projects and structures. While Garapa wood is well known and widely used for decks, Garapa decking is also used for docks, piers, bridges and walkways.


The amazing affordability of Garapa has helped skyrocket the popularity of this wood species and made Garapa hardwood an all natural alternative to synthetic decking materials.  Even though Garapa decking is harder and stronger than composite decking it actually costs less money than nearly all composite and synthetic decking materials.  While Garapa might not be quite as hard as some other high density hardwoods such as Ipe, Machiche and Cumaru: Garapa wood is certainly strong enough, hard enough and resistant enough to be used for boardwalks and other high traffic areas such as marinas and public dock areas. 

When you stop to consider all the benefits of Garapa hardwood, it is no small wonder why Garapa wood products are being used so frequently for so many outdoor projects.

Key Benefits of Garapa Wood for Outdoor Projects:

Due to its remarkable stability and durability, Garapa wood is also frequently specified by architects for outdoor furniture, wood siding, soffits, rain screen systems and more. Because Garapa hardwood is somewhat softer and less dense than other higher densitygarapa-wood-rainscreen-cladding-mitered-corner-detail exterior hardwoods such as Ipe, Machiche and Cumaru, builders and contractors admire and appreciate the easier workability of Garapa wood.

Garapa lumber is also used to build deck railings, fences, trellises, arbors, pergolas and a number of other outdoor structures.  Whenever the key project considerations call for budget friendly, long lasting all-natural wood, that will hold up to the elements and still look terrific for decades, Garapa hardwood is well worth looking into. 




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