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Machiche wood is bold and beautiful. It makes lovely and durable exterior decking, siding, and trim. Mataverde Machiche is not only FSC® certified, but also Rainforest Alliance certified. Every deck, siding, or trim board you use for your project helps the native peoples of the Maya biosphere, where this wood is harvested.

Machiche decking at Brooklyn Basin waterfront in Oakland

FSC Certified Machiche wood decking on boardwalk in Oakland, California.


The Guatemalan Maya Biosphere Reserve (MBR) is a protected nature reserve. It covers 20% of the land area of Guatemala. It was created in 1990 to help preserve and protect the largest tropical rainforest in the world north of the equator.

Maya Biosphere Reserve covers 20% of Guatemala

The Maya Biosphere Reserve. 


The reserve is regulated by the Guatemalan government, and environmental agencies as well as the Rainforest Alliance. The Rainforest Alliance strives for a harmonious balance of people and nature. And most importantly, this vast natural reserve is protected by the communities of people who live there.

Rainforest Alliance Seal


Sustainable Forestry at its Best

The MBR is not a typical protected forest area. It contains a network of individual community forest concessions (CFC’s). Each of these concessions is managed by the individual communities. The Guatemalan government has allowed the indigenous people to make a living from the forest – provided thy do so sustainably. And sustainably harvested it is.  The people of the forest are protecting the forest - and their livelihood – and their communities. They have a vested interest in protecting the forest and their homes.

Click below to learn more about this important issue, watch "Community Forest Concessions: A Guatemalan Success Story" on the Rainforest Alliance YouTube Channel

Communifty Forest Succcess @Rainforest Alliance YouTube

“Does community forestry work as a conservation strategy? Let’s put it this way:

the forest concessions of the Maya Biosphere Reserve have boasted a

near-zero deforestation rate for 20 years.

"Community: The Secret to Stopping Deforestation in Guatemala",

How well is the community model working? With near zero percent deforestation, this community-based model boasts the best performance of forest stewardship anywhere on earth.


FSC Certified harvesting practices in Guatemala

The concessions and the forestry practices where the Machiche is harvested are also FSC Certified.


No story about sustainable forestry in Central America is complete without discussing the hard work and lifelong commitment of Jose Roman Carrera. Jose is a living legend in Guatemala and beyond for his championship of the people and protection of the forests. Jose has literally risked his life many times. He has done battle with the government, narco-traffickers, the army, guerillas, criminals, and other factions to protect the people and the forests.

Jose Roman Carrera sustainable superhero

Jose Roman Carrera is considered a "conservation superhero", click here to learn more about him.


The harmonious balance of people and nature is at work in the Maya Biosphere. The forest remains intact.  The indigenous people earn a living and a better way of life, with better homes and schooling. The timber products they produce are enjoyed by many throughout the world.


Machiche Wood is a Versatile Species

Mahogany, Cedar, Santa Maria, and Pine are the most common wood species being harvested in Guatemala. Machiche is an up-and-coming species though. Machiche isn’t just a pretty face. Machiche is every bit as hard, dense, strong, and durable as it is beautiful. Machiche hardwood makes excellent decking, trim, and siding boards.

FSC Certified Machiche hardwood fencing

Machiche wood fencing


With Machiche hardwood, the sustainability aspects don't stop at the forest.  Machiche is so durable, it has an extended usable lifetime, even outdoors.  This means lower overall lifecycle costs. And low lifecycle costs are one of the hallmarks of sustainable design and green building practices.  


Machiche hardwood deck poolside-1

Machiche hardwood decking, siding, and trim on a home


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Machiche Wood Decking

As a decking material, Machiche is an extraordinary option. Machiche is so strong, it has higher bending strength than Ipe wood. Wow. Machiche is dense and hard, so it is naturally resistant to insects and rot. It is very durable and naturally fire resistant. Machiche decking looks great on a backyard deck. Yet it is durable enough to handle traffic on a boardwalk.


FSC Machiche wood deckMachiche backyard deck with oil finish


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Machiche Wood Siding

For exterior wood siding, Machiche is an outstanding choice. Its lively tropical graining and chocolatey tones look fantastic as a cladding option. Machiche rainscreen siding has been used on homes, apartments, schools, and award-winning sustainable design projects.  Because of the way they protect the building envelope, rainscreen systems embody the essential principles of sustainable design.


Machiche rainscreen cladding Home

Machiche wood rainscreen siding, fencing, soffits, fascia, trim, and garage doors


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