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Ipe decking is admired worldwide for its high performance and natural beauty.  Ipe decking has been used on so many projects over the years, it has developed a well earned respect. Ipe is highly durable and can be used for residential and commercial projects. Machiche is not as famous as Ipe, but it is a fantastic species to consider for exterior decking projects.  Learn more about Machiche decking compared to Ipe decking here.


Compare the similarities and differences between these two high density hardwood species. Each of these decking species is a natural and durable decking material with many physical properties in common. Depending on your personal preferences and your needs for your deck project, either Ipe or Machiche might be the best decking material option for you.

Comparing Machiche decking to Ipe hardwood decking can be a lot of fun. You get to look at two of the highest performance all-natural decking materials in the world and decide which one works best for you. Both Ipe and Machiche wood are highly durable and long-lasting, incredibly strong, high performance, extraordinarily durable options that are far above the norm. When you compare decking of any type, it is best to consider all your best options. Ultimately, it comes down to your personal preference between them.

Ipe hardwood deck

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FSC® Machiche hardwood deck


Similarities Between Ipe Decking and FSC® Certified Machiche Decking:

When you compare Ipe decking to Machiche, you'll find they share a lot of exceptional characteristics. Here are some things Ipe and Machiche have in common:

Ipe Decking vs. Machiche Hardwood Decking: Similarities

Grain Variations

Lots of exotic graining, striping and tropical “figuring”. Install tropical hardwoods like you would install a hardwood floor to get the best blended appearance for the best look

Fiber Strength

Both species have “off the charts” bending strength.


Both Ipe decking and Machiche decking are more than twice as hard as oak. They hold up so well for public boardwalks, just imagine how they could perform on your backyard deck.


Both species have been rated “very durable” by the USDA Forest Products Laboratory.

Fire Resistance

Both Mataverde Ipe and Machiche hardwood decking have been tested and meet the requirements of a Class A fire rating in ASTM E84 smoke density and flame resistance.

Mataverde Warranty

Mataverde offers a 25 year limited warranty against termites and fungal decay on Ipe and Machiche hardwood decking and siding.

Life Expectancy

40+ years or more if cleaned and maintained regularly

Appearance/ Finish

Can be coated with UV inhibiting oil to preserve a “like new” wood appearance.

Low Maintenance Option

Allow the wood decking to weather to a silvery gray patina naturally over time.

Life-Cycle Costs

Exceptionally low life-cycle costs, especially if the “low maintenance” option is selected.

Workability / Installation

Carbide tools are needed and experienced carpentry for best results and appearance.


Both species are harvested using sustainable yield forestry practices.



Differences between Ipe Decking and Machiche Hardwood Decking:

Although Ipe and Machiche decking have a lot in common, here's a list of some of their key differences.

 Ipe Decking vs. Machiche Hardwood Decking: Differences


Mataverde® Ipe Hardwood Decking

Mataverde® Machiche Hardwood Decking


Light brown to medium brown, olive browns to dark brown color range

Mostly medium chocolate browns to reddish brown range


Mostly tighter graining

Medium to coarser grain

Fiber Strength

23,360 psi

25,938 psi



Minimal to below average

Slip resistance

Ipe meets the ADA slip resistance requirements




Minimal to moderate

Comparative pricing


Moderate, especially for an FSC certified hardwood


 free pdf download machiche fact sheetDownload free PDF of the Machiche Decking Fact Sheet




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