FSC Certified Wood Decking Material Options

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FSC decking

FSC® decking is decking material that has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council as having been harvested by sustainable yield harvesting practices. In order to be considered FSC decking, all suppliers in the chain of custody must be FSC Certified. The Forest Stewardship Council has strict guidelines to ensure that FSC decking and all FSC suppliers are in compliance with all FSC rules and requirements.

What makes FSC decking so special? The Forest Stewardship Council has been a leading champion of saving the world's forests from overharvesting and other irresponsible acts for over two decades. When you buy 100% Pure FSC decking, you can rest assured that this FSC decking material was responsibly harvested by ethical and eco-friendly means.

General Woodcraft, Inc., the master importer and distributor of Mataverde decking and lumber, is an FSC Certified supplier.  On the west coast, Mataverde introduced their FSC decking to the California market in early 2011. Pronounced "mah-CHEE-chay", 100% Pure FSC Machiche  decking quickly gained acceptance as a preferred decking material. FSC Machiche decking is responsibly harvested and has a similar appearance to Ipe decking.

IFSC Cumaru decking, FSC Cumaru railing systemn addition to FSC Machiche decking, Mataverde also offers FSC Ipe decking, FSC Cumaru decking and FSC Garapa decking.  Typically, FSC decking costs about 20% more than non-FSC decking. FSC decking is not always readily available and may not meet your budget requirements, Mataverde also offers sustainably harvested decking in compliance with IBAMA/SEMA regulations.  Like FSC decking, decking that is harvested under the watchful eye of IBAMA/SEMA is eco-friendly and harvested sustainably.

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