Mataverde FSC® Machiche Decking vs Other Wood Decking

Compare Mataverde Machiche to Red Cedar and Pressure Treated Decking


When you compare Machiche decking to red cedar decking and pressure treated decking materials, FSC Machiche hardwood is the winner on nearly every measurable rating. 100% FSC Certified Mataverde Machiche hardwood is rot resistant, splinter resistant, and has a beautiful rich appearance that is easy to maintain and will complement any exterior project.



Mataverde Machiche Decking vs. Pressure Treated and Red Cedar Decking



FSC Machiche Decking Red Cedar Decking  Pressure Treated Decking
Real Wood Product   Yes Yes Yes
Sustainably Harvested  Yes Yes Yes
Low Maintenance   Yes No No
Warranty   Yes No No
Insect Resistance   Yes No No
Rot Resistance   Yes No No
Cupping   Low Moderate High  
Splitting   Low Moderate High  
Warping   Low Moderate High  
Checking   Low High   High  
Splintering Low Moderate High  
Heat Retention   Low Low Low
Stability   High Moderate Moderate
Strength High Moderate Moderate
Span Capacity High Moderate Moderate
Density High Low Moderate
Initial Decking Cost  Moderate Moderate Low
Life Cycle Cost / SF / year   Low High   High