FSC Hardwood Decking at Pier 17 Latest Addition to NYC Waterfront

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As big fans of sustainably harvested natural wood products, we absolutely love the warm look and cool performance of exterior high-density hardwood decking. What’s been happening in New York for the past ten years is nothing short of spectacular. The New York City waterfront continues to undergo a long-awaited renaissance, one reclamation project at a time, using a variety of beautiful and naturally durable hardwood decking materials.

FSC Certified cumaru hardwood decking at Coney Island boardwalkSustainable Cumaru hardwood decking at Coney Island boardwalk survives Hurricane Sandy

Dilapidated, run down piers and waterfront areas are being reclaimed and restored to their former glory using sustainably harvested hardwood decking. Some of the waterfront renewal projects are public projects (Coney Island Boardwalk renewal for one). The Coney Island boardwalk renewal used FSC® Certified Cumaru hardwood decking. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is recognized worldwide as the benchmark for sustained yield forestry practices and environmental responsibility.




pier-15-cumaru-decking-ramps-benches-railings-and-stairsCumaru hardwood decking, benches, ramps, railings and steps at Pier 15

The South Street Seaport and surrounding areas are a great example and indeed, are part of the crucible for creating amazing renovations of outdoor areas. This historic area was once the hub of the shipping trades for the new world. Its revitalization is sparking a new sense of interest, community involvement and has become a magnet for locals and visitors alike.


Some waterfront sites are privately owned and in some cases, these projects are creating beautiful outdoor spaces far beyond the scope of the former site usage. The owners and their architects are free to achieve their design vision and create truly remarkable projects that are open to the public for enjoyment and recreation.

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In 2011, Pier 15 was opened to the public. Like the Coney Island boardwalk a few years earlier, FSC Certified Cumaru hardwood decking was selected because of its natural look and feel and exceptional durability for long term performance. With millions of footsteps and foot traffic on this esplanade annually, Cumaru hardwood decking behaves extraordinarily well.  In fact, Hurricane Sandy didn’t harm either the Pier 15 FSC hardwood decking or Coney Island Cumaru decking.

Aerial view of South Street Seaport.jpg Aerial view of South Street Seaport reclamation and surrounding area

The ‘city that never sleeps’ is rich in history, architecture and modern glass and steel structures.  The natural setting of the East River waterfront and beautiful hardwood decking, benches and wonderful views provides a relaxing counterpoint for the hustle and bustle found elsewhere in the city.

Aerial view of Pier 17 project.jpgPier 17 at South Street Seaport showing the decking, benches and public areas

The nearly completed Pier 17 project at South Street Seaport is the ‘new jewel in the necklace’ of coastal revitalization projects gracing the New York City waterfront. Pier 17 is open to the public and features shops, restaurants, boutiques and an open space area atop the buildings for shows and special events. The site is complete with open spaces, high density hardwood decks, hardwood benches, hardwood siding and spectacular views. Relax. Read. Shop. Dine. Sightsee. People watch. Take your pick and embrace the experience.

FSC certified Hardwood Decking at Pier 17 seaportPier 17 features FSC Certified Jatoba hardwood decking

This spectacular project features an all-star lineup of players. The Howard Hughes Corporation developed the site and is a driving force in the redevelopment efforts that are continuing to beautify New York. The renowned design team at SHoP Architects spent over seven years in the design and architectural process. Their patience, design vision, attention to detail, and steadfast commitment to a world class project design is evident in Pier 17. The construction team at Hunter Roberts Construction Group, added their considerable experience and talents to bring this remarkable project to the finish line.

Jatoba hardwood decking and railings.jpg

Jatoba hardwood decking, seating and railing

Because using sustainable building materials were such an important factor in their design considerations, the architectural team at SHoP architects carefully selected FSC® Certified exterior hardwoods for the decking, siding, benches and outdoor railings. These architectural millwork products add natural beauty to this project. FSC certified Jatoba hardwood, also known as “Brazilian Cherry”, was selected for its rich reddish-brown colors, exotic grain variations and its exceptional toughness and durability. The areas of this project that are directly adjacent to the water, feature this reliable hardwood decking for a warm look and natural beauty.

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