Looking for a Wood Siding Option That Meets Your Project Budget?

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Are you looking for a wood house siding that meets your project budget, without giving up great looks or high quality? Do you want more options that make clients happy and prevents callbacks? Look no further, here is a cost and quality breakdown of some of the most popular siding materials for your next siding project.

Rear view of the Ipe vertical siding and Climate-Shield rain screen system


Costs of Popular House Siding Types: Wood Siding and Pura NFC options

Wood siding prices vary by quality and availability. Price is important to establishing your siding budget, but it’s only one way of measuring the cost of wood siding. If you plan to stay in your home for a long time, look at the long-term picture, too. In that case, life-cycle costs are important to. To get started, here’s a chart that shows some comparative siding prices of all the most popular siding choices.

compare popular siding prices jan 2022


But wait, there’s more. Don’t be mesmerized by the lower upfront costs of your siding choices. Some wood siding species last longer than others. How soon will you have to replace your wood siding? Other wood siding species require more regular maintenance than others. How often do you want to refinish your wood siding? When you look at the entire life-cycle cost of wood siding, you get a picture of your real costs.


ipe rain screen siding Seal Once cape Cod gray finishIpe wood rainscreen siding with Seal Once semi transparent gray finish


Hardwood Siding Species Options

Hardwood siding options like Ipe, Brazilian Cherry, Machiche and Garapa are exceptionally hard. The natural hardness makes them a longer lasting durable wood siding and cladding option. Installers can save time using them in a rainscreen siding installation. A rainscreen assembly makes the installation faster and less costly upfront.

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Architects and design professionals like rainscreen systems for other reasons, especially the health benefits and overall system performance. A rainscreen system helps the entire home ventilate better and provides passive insulation. By keeping the house drier, and the siding drier, the entire rainscreen wall adds decades to the lifetime of the siding and the structure. This keeps lifecycle costs low and performance high.

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Ipe Wood Siding

Ipe wood is the standard that all other wood siding is compared to for durability and performance. Because of its natural qualities, Ipe outlasts nearly all exterior woods. Ipe hardwood siding material is also one of the highest upfront wood siding material cost cladding options. However, Ipe wood siding also boasts the lowest lifecycle cost of any all-natural wood siding. Ipe wood’s long lasting natural characteristics and exotic good looks are highly coveted.


Ipe is so hard and durable it lasts for well over 30 years even without maintenance. We made a video of our in-house test that proves it. See how long Ipe lasts compared to Redwood, Red Cedar, Mahogany, Douglas Fir and other wood species here:


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Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry) Siding

Jatoba is an excellent and budget friendly substitute for Ipe wood siding. Jatoba siding is a high-performance wood siding species with cherry tones, hence the nickname Brazilian Cherry. Jatoba rainscreen siding has exceptionally high mechanical properties and natural characteristics.

FSC Certfied Jatoba hardwood rainscreen siding

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Garapa (Brazilian Ash) Siding

The affordability of Garapa siding material makes it a great fit for residential siding projects. Garapa hardwood makes a striking and long-lasting wood siding material. The lighter golden to amber tones of Garapa siding create a warm feeling in exterior designs and can be finished to darker shades.

ck construction tree tops garapa north wall rainscreen siding fl-jpg-2Garapa wood rainscreen siding luxuriously wraps a soaring exterior wall on this award winning project. 

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Machiche (Mayan Mahogany) Siding

Machiche is and FSC Certified real wood siding option. Machiche is a chocolatey brown siding that is harvesting in the Mayan Biosphere under the guidelines of both the Forest Stewardship Council® and the Rainforest Alliance®. Both organizations ensure that Machiche wood that is grown in this part of Guatemala follows the best eco-friendly harvesting practices.

swatt meiers machiche rainscreen siding

If the environmentally friendly harvesting aspects of Machiche wood siding isn’t enough, the high performance and natural beauty of Machiche wood are showstoppers. Machiche is very stable and affordably priced.

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Softwood Siding Materials

After the age of log cabins, softwood sidings were the first real wood siding materials. When it was readily available, redwood siding was king. Nowadays, redwood siding is hard to find, especially the higher grades, and when it is, redwood is very expensive. Western red cedar siding was once the low-cost wood siding alternative to redwood, nowadays it is a higher priced wood siding, too.


Western Red Cedar

Popular and iconic for decades, Western Red Cedar siding used to be readily available and a in a consistent color range. Still in demand for exterior design, the cedar available today is often knottier, and has a wider range in color among the boards. Availability of higher grades of cedar siding is often hit or miss. Higher grades of western red cedar siding are beautiful, but very expensive.

western red cedar house shoreline ctWestern Red Cedar wood siding on a home on the New England shoreline.


Cedar siding may be stained or painted. Cedar requires cleaning and refinishing regularly as needed. If allowed to weather to “driftwood” gray, cedar loses some of the strength and more frequent maintenance is required to keep the cedar siding durable and long lasting.

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Thermally Modified Hemlock Wood Siding

Thermally modified Hemlock siding is a softwood, but because of its unique thermal modification process, it acts like, and performs like, a hardwood siding. Thermally modified Hemlock (Hem Fir) wood siding has a lower price than cedar siding and hardwood siding. And it has very good resistance to weather exposure and insects, and strength like high end hardwoods through the modification process.

Thermally Modified Hem Fir Siding and decking

Thermally modified wood is real wood siding material that has been embraced by architects and designers worldwide as a sustainable, highly stable wood siding choice. ThermaWood thermally modified Hemlock siding has the color range, with light to medium brown tones, and great curb appeal you would expect to find in Western Red Cedar.

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Pura NFC Siding by Trespa

Another budget friendly wood siding material option for your project isn’t real wood siding at all. But it looks as beautiful as real wood siding. Pura NFC siding by Trespa is a high-quality wood look siding that is an option you might want to consider. Pura siding is available in many wood decors that rival the beauty of real wood siding. Pura siding is a premium cladding at affordable prices.

Trespa Pura NFC siding -Tropical Ipe wood decorWhen an Ipe wood alternative is needed with high performance and low maintenance, Pura NFC siding, Tropical Ipe wood décor fits the bill.


Pura siding features the similarly impressive longevity of real hardwood siding. Pura is manufactured to precise tolerances and test criteria. The color and performance of Pura NFC siding are consistent…and gorgeous. Pura is easy to clean and never needs painting, staining, or refinishing. The performance, quality, and colors are stable and so is the pricing.

Pura NFC Siding wood decors-1Pura NFC wood decors come in an array of realistic colors and wood grain.

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