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Are you a home designer or builder planning a residence or light commercial project? From extraordinary homes to impressive hotels, more architects and home builders are choosing Pura NFC® Siding by Trespa. In these five case studies, discover how Pura NFC is surpassing the competition in beauty and robust longevity.


Trespa Pura NFC Classic Oak wood decor croppedPura NFC is chosen for exterior design more than ever for wood-look siding that outperforms other siding materials.


What makes Pura NFC siding different? 

Pura NFC® is a flush profile siding made from high pressure (HPL) laminate. Pura uses a proprietary Electron Beam Curing (EBC) system that creates a closed cell surface that sets it apart from other manufactured sidings. 

The Trespa Quality Lab tests the colorfastness, stability, and longevity of Pura NFC siding to ensure ongoing quality.

Pura NFC can boast very high resistance to:

  • Scratching and gouging, caused by things like rubbing tree limbs. 

  • Cracking and bending, from everything from high wind to flying storm debris.

  • Fading from UV, and incredibly so. The colorfastness of Pura Wood Décor colors is legendary, with the just-installed look lasting years longer than other manufactured siding.

  • Warping, Pura NFC (natural fiber core) and high quality ensure your siding boards will not warp in high heat. 


The positives keep adding up: 

  • Several Wood Décor colors that are true to life so they look as welcoming and warm as real wood siding, with a realistic natural wood look colors or stained wood-look options. Even the graining looks more like real wood graining. Colors can be mixed and matched for more design possibilities. 

  • Three Lumen Décors give you matte, light diffusing colors give for additional design options.

  • Very low maintenance, no painting, staining, or sealing required; washes with simple soap and water as needed. That’s a huge labor and money savings.

  • Pura NFC can be installed horizontally or vertically using the Climate-Shield Rainscreen System, giving you more design flexibility. 

More design ideas inside: Download the Pura NFC Siding Residential Projects Portfolio




Marrying Modern with Traditional

Shelton Eastlake Multifamily Residence, Seattle, WA


Trespa Shelton Apartment Complex

Shelton Eastlake Apartment Complex in Seattle, WA with a Pura NFC Slate Ebony Wood Decor facade (below)

PU22 Slate Ebony Trespa Pura color


When an architectural firm is tasked with bringing a new housing complex to an iconic neighborhood, the challenge they face is often creating a structure that looks like it belongs. The goal was to create a facade that was not strictly to maximize profit and would not be an eyesore. 

By avoiding the usual pedestrian cladding options, instead choosing Pura NFC siding in Slate Ebony Wood Décor, the design team was able to add an attractive, realistic wood look. An added bonus was the significantly better resiliency and return on investment than options like composites and vinyl.


”There was an overall sense of superior quality.”

- Mike Yukevich, Principal of Shilsole Development


Here’s how Pura NFC met the project criteria specified:

  • High quality siding material.
  • Would integrate well with the brick areas in the design.
  • Visually tied the building to the surrounding neighborhood aesthetic.
  • Would attract tenants who wanted an urban, design forward residence.

Open the complete Shelton Eastlake PDF here


Retro Building Reno 

130 Addison Road, Windsor, CT

A light commercial building built that was nearly 50 years ago needed an update that would make the concrete facade look brand new. A contemporary, attractive curb appeal was essential to attract tenants. Easy installation and low maintenance costs were also priorities.


”The building owners, tradesmen that performed the installation,

and the tenants are extremely happy with the product,”

- Erik Bartone, Principal of 130 Addison Realty, LLC


130 Addison Road Windsor CT Trespa Pura romantic walnut courtesy of Trespa

Two-tenant commercial building in Connecticut with a new facade of Pura NFC Romantic Walnut Wood Decor (below)

PU08 Romantic Walnut trespa Pura Color


Here’s how Pura NFC met the project criteria specified:

  • Warm, welcoming, wood-look aesthetic.
  • Smooth Climate-Shield Rainscreen installation process helped meet occupancy deadlines
  • Very low maintenance that would save time and money, important to the owners since there was an existing high-maintenance flat roof. 
  • Design flexibility with horizontal siding wrapping the exterior,  and vertical siding and a covered soffit flanking the entryway.

Open the complete Addison Road case study PDF here

Discover more exterior design inspiration in the Pura NFC Commercial Design

Project Portfolio. Download yours today. 

Bridge The Volume 

Modern Residence, Veluwe, Holland

The rural Veluwe region is known for its National Park. In this lovely wooded area, a private villa was commissioned with exacting criteria in terms of design and sustainability. The modern home was designed to have two large volume living areas, which needed to be connected with a unifying exterior design. The architect had worked with Trespa siding before and saw the potential again here. 


The design tells a special architectural story, one in which the choice of material, light and balance plays an important role.”

- Hendrik Jan van der Valk, Architect, Trudy Woudstra

 Trespa Pura NFC Classic Oak wood decor

The Pura NFC Classic Oak Wood Decor (below) is striking on this modern design and contrasting with the anthracite brickwork. 

PU02 Classic Oak Trespa Pura color


Here’s how Pura NFC met the project criteria specified:

  • Created the aesthetic the homeowner wanted. 
  • Minimum amount of future maintenance.
  • Natural looking cladding and color to harmonize with the surroundings. 
  • The large scale walls installed within a few millimeters, allowing the contractor to bring the design to life as expected. 

View the complete Veluwe case study PDF here

Their Home Is A Castle

Senior Apartments, Bree, Belgium

Located on the grounds of an early 1900's mansion and garden known as "the Judge's Castle", a modern independent living complex was well-designed to fit right in. Pura NFC in Aged Ash was chosen for the apartment balcony facades for longevity, low maintenance, and color stability. 

"If we look at machinability, installation, price and expected durability, then I definitely see us opting for Trespa Pura NFC® again.”

-Thomas Roex, Contour Architecten


senior housing Trespa pura aged ash

The balcony facades of the Senior Housing were accented with low maintenance Pura NFC Aged Ash Wood Decor (below)

PU17 Aged Ash Trespa Pura color


Here’s how Pura NFC met the project criteria specified:

  • Has the realistic wood look aesthetic they wanted to blend with the historic site.
  • Contrasted nicely with the white stucco facade, creating an open and airy feel.
  • Perfect siding option for vertical installation.
  • Low maintenance meant less burden on senior tenants and longer good looks.
  • Natural-looking cladding and color to harmonize with the surroundings. 
  • The large-scale walls were installed within a few millimeters, allowing the contractor to bring the design to life as expected. 
  • Expected longevity and performance.

View the complete Senior Housing case study PDF here

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We hope this article offers helpful information for your next project. If you have questions or need information, please contact us. We are happy to help.


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