The Case for Trespa Pura NFC Siding for Apartments

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Do you design, build, or own apartments or multifamily housing? If so, Pura NFC siding by Trespa is a great option to consider. With its great looks, low maintenance and high performance, Pura siding has you covered. Literally. See why here.

Aspen Police Affordable Employee Housing Pura NFC Classic Oak wood decorPura NFC Siding Classic Oak wood decor on workers housing units in Aspen, CO


Looks Beautiful

Pura NFC siding has a unique appearance. People remember it. “Ooh, that’s pretty.” It’s the first thing you see from the street and the last thing you see before you walk through the front door. Make that attractive first impression count. Say ‘welcome home’ with Pura. Your tenants will appreciate it.

Pura NFC siding Aged Ash wood decor vertical design on apartment buildingsElegant Pura NFC siding exterior for apartment complex in Texas

Pura is available in many wood decors. These siding colors look like real wood, sometimes even better. And Pura is now available in Lumen Decors as well. The matte surface of Lumen decors gently diffuses and disperses light, creating a soft illumination in a saturated hue.

Any of the Pura decors (Wood or Lumen) can be used on an entire façade or parts of various facades and soffits. The decors may be mixed and matched for an exciting exterior design.  See all the Pura color / decor options here.

Pura Romantic Walnut wood decor in La Mesa CA

Romantic Walnut wood decor on apartments in California


Stays Beautiful

And Pura NFC won’t fade like vinyl siding, or fiber cement or painted wood siding. Pura looks as good ten years later as it did on the first day. Pura never needs painting or refinishing. If graffiti is a concern in your area, it can be removed quickly and permanently easily – without ‘ghosting’.

Trespa Pura Slate Ebony on four story apartment building

Pura Slate Ebony wood decor on apartment complex

Made to Last

Trespa claddings undergo hundreds of quality assurance steps and many scientific tests to ensure the quality of the siding is state of the art.

  • Impact resistance against hail, rocks and solid objects is measured.
  • Extreme heat and extreme cold resistance are both tested. So, it won’t warp or melt in high temperatures like vinyl siding, or chip crack in low temperatures like vinyl siding and other siding materials can.
  • Fade resistance
  • Scratch resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Strength and flexibility
  • Pull out strength against high winds.

Download Trespa Test Results Here

Long Term Value

Yes, Pura is a premium cladding solution, so it costs more than some cheaper siding options. Only up front, though. Because Pura can handle the elements and harsh environments, repairs are negligible. You won’t be stuck with unplanned expenses for repainting or siding replacement.

Trespa Pura NFC Siding Royal Mahogany wood decor

Apartments in Bethesda, MD with Pura NFC wood decor siding

That’s why the life cycle costs of cladding your properties with Pura NFC siding is so low. The upfront costs are basically the only costs you will be paying throughout the lifetime of the siding.


The Financial Case for Pura NFC siding

If your apartment or building vacancy rates are over 5%, you know you’re losing revenue opportunities. Fill them up. Invite new tenants in with a welcoming façade. Make them happy. Keep them happy. If your complex is more attractive than your competitor’s, that could be the deciding factor between whether potential tenants or clients sign up with you.

Trespa Pura Romantic Walnut wood decor is the star of this facade-1

Community center at apartment complex in California featuring Pura NFC siding


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