Uplifting Multilevel Deck Designs

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Elevate your deck design to new heights.

Have you ever admired a gorgeous multilevel deck and thought "but that's not practical for me"? We have good news...


A view from above of the multiple deck levels made of Ipe hardwood at the Ocean House hotel in Rhode IslandA dazzling waterfront multilevel Ipe hardwood deck at Ocean House, Rhode Island.


When planning a new or updated deck, a multilevel deck design might be your perfect fit if you want:

  • an outdoor living space for different activities at once.

  • to make the most of the available space in your yard.

  • to take full advantage of a stunning view.

  • to add on to an existing deck, to keep up with your changing lifestyle.

  • "wow-factor' style in your outdoor entertaining.

  • All the above!


Hardwood multilevel decks offer all of this and more. Read on.



This multilevel deck takes full advantage of the tall foundation, the shaded areas,

and a poolside lounging space.



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Before we start, a note about design: Think outside the  box. There's more than squares,  rectangles and stacks with a multilevel deck design. Multilevel decking can be modern, contemporary or traditional. Consider flowing, wraparound porches; angled geometry that works around site features; or low steps that gently transition one area to the next. The sky is the limit. (Almost literally.)


three photos of multilevel deck styles from modern to traditional to custom Which one would you choose? A modern, gentle transition with gardens; a contemporary curve of Ipe with custom rails and benches; a traditional deck with cozy seating?


Planning multiple deck levels starts with how you want to use your deck when it is complete.  A hardwood multilevel deck can make the most of your quality time at home. Weekdays might include work-from-home time, or schoolwork, in the fresh air.  On weekends, everyone can spread out on separate levels for dining al fresco or poolside lounging. Evenings are for dinner, drinks, and stargazing.


A contemporary Cumaru multilevel poolside deck in Montauk, Long Island, NY with matching louunge chairs that steps up to a dinig level by the sliding deck doors to the house.Poolside by day, dining in the evening, in a space defined by the architecture. 


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Maybe your location has an amazing view but... your yard, well, not so much? Two or more levels of decking can go UP or OUT and allow you to exploit that  valuable landscape. Follow the contours of your site or architecture with levels that look out, then add cool features like built in couches or a hot tub to enjoy the view in comfort. The return on your investment is in usable living space and enjoyment for years to come.


A multilevel deck built up a hillside with stairs leading to dining and relaxing levels with built in seating, then down to the dock in the river. and relaxing.

Built down a hillside, this deck with a river view has levels for seating, dining, and a dock.


However you enjoy the outdoors, a multilevel deck can add more useful space and outdoor living options. We can help you get started, contact us today.


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