What is Garapa Wood Decking?

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Garapa Decking is an all-natural high density hardwood decking material. Garapa is harvested using low impact sustainable yield forestry practices making Garapa decking an eco-friendly decking material option. Garapa decking is a soft honey blonde toned hardwood decking material which will darken slightly to a golden brown with exposure to sunlight.  This material may be left to weather naturally to a silvery gray patina or may be oiled to enrich its natural coloration.



Don't let the soft fine grained appearance of Garapa fool you; Garapa decking is harder than oak. Garapa decking is a high density hardwood decking material with strength and beauty.  Garapa decking has a fiber bending strength of 12,900 psi. That means that you would have to apply 12,900 pounds of pressure per square inch to break a Garapa decking board. Garapa decking is nearly twice as strong as Cedar decking material.

From a hardness testing standpoint Garapa decking has a Janka Hardness Rating of 1,630 lbs. Garapa decking is four times harder than cedar decking.  This explains why Garapa decking is so resistant to scratching, denting and abrasions.  




Garapa decking is an extremly affordable decking material choice.  Garapa decking outperforms synthetic composite decking and plastic decking materials and is priced lower than most composite decking materials.

Mataverde Premium Garapa Decking also carries a 25 year limited warranty against insects and decay. 

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