Garapa Hardwood - A Great Decking Material Option

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We are delighted to include Mataverde Garapa Premium Hardwood Decking in the Mataverde family of high density hardwood decking and siding materials. Garapa decking has tremendous hardness, rigidity, strength and physical characteristics that make it a natural for hardwood decking and siding projects. Mataverde Garapa decking and siding material is kiln dried for additional stability and uniformity. Mataverde Garapa decking and siding carries a 25 year limited warranty against decay and insects to protect your investment for decades.

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Garapa high density hardwood decking and siding has been rapidly increasing in popularity for several years...and why not? It is beautiful, durable and affordable. As a result of its stable, it has very little expansion or contraction (movement) after it acclimates to its new home, making it a great choice as a decking and siding material. Garapa decking's high density makes it very resistant scratching, decay and insects. And thanks to its inherent tight graining, Garapa does not splinter easily creating a comfortable deck surface for bare feet.

Garapa hardwood decking is a soft golden yellow color that will naturally darken to a honey brown color over a period of time. Garapa decking or siding can be oil finished if you want it to retain a 'like-new' appearance over time. Or Garapa decking can be allowed to weather naturally to a low maintenance silvery gray patina. With the golden tones of Garapa Decking, there are more options for the color scheme of your outdoor deck or structure.

Mataverde Garapa Decking creates a whole new realm of design option for architects, builders and owners who are looking for a handsome, long-lasting decking material at a low price. With its golden brown color, Garapa decking closely has warm tones at a very affordable initial cost. For outdoor deck projects where a lighter colored high density hardwood decking material is required, and budget costs are very important, Garapa Hardwood decking may be a great option for your project needs.


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