Climate-Shield Rain Screen System Develops New Attachment Component

Posted by Chris Nolan on Tue, Apr 16, 2013 @ 11:04 AM

The latest innovation in rain screen system technology was recently developed – the Climate-Climate Shield Attachment Channel   CSAC8Shield Rain Screen Attachment Channel. This multipurpose rain screen attachment channel was designed to create a firm attachment for the Climate-Shield Rain Screen Clips to wall assemblies that do not have structural sheathing. Like other Climate-Shield rain screen system components, the rain screen attachment channel is manufactured in the US of marine grade aluminum for strength, extended lifetime, reliability and low cost.

The Climate-Shield Rain Screen Attachment Channel works exceptionally well for the following exterior wall assemblies:

  • Wood frame wall assemblies using insulated sheathing up to 1” thick.
  • Steel stud framed wall assemblies using gypsum or other cementitious exterior sheathing
  • Concrete walls or masonry walls
  • Stucco wall assemblies

The Climate-Shield Rain Screen Attachment Channel provides a solid base to attach the Climate-Shield Rain Screen Clips. The rain screen attachment channel can be fastened to different wall assemblies using the appropriate fasteners for the particular application; concrete anchors and/or screws for masonry walls, wood screws for wood fame wall systems and self drilling screws for wall assemblies using steel studs.  The rain screen attachment channel is available in 8’ lengths and can be custom manufactured in other lengths for specific jobs. Many architects have lauded the Climate-Shield rain screen system for its "elegant simplicity" and this multipurpose rain screen attachment channel is no exception.

Climate-Shield rainscreen installation in New York


Because the Climate-Shield rain screen attachment channel is made from marine grade aluminum, it is highly compatible with other Climate-Shield rain screen system components including; the Climate-Shield Rain Screen Clip, the stainless steel fastening screws, Climate-Shield z-girts and more.  Unlike other rain screen systems, when used with these components, the Climate-Shield Rain Screen System has no galvanic action, extending the life expectancy of the rain screen system significantly. This can add decades of additional usable lifetime to the entire home, building or structure.

Climate Shield Attachment Channel   Exterior gypsum and steel stud wall assembly resized 600ABOVE: The architectural detail above shows how the Climate-Shield rain screen attachment channel works in a typical exterior wall assembly with steel studs and exterior gypsum.

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