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Is your old siding tired and in need of replacement? In a recent survey, the number one reason people replace their siding is because it is damaged. The number two reason for replacing exterior siding is the appearance (the old siding looks raggedy). The number three reason is they want to improve their curb appeal. If this sounds like your home Pura NFC siding could meet your needs and solve your problems. See why.

Pura NFC western red cedar wood decor courtesy of Performance Panels UK

What is Pura NFC?

Pura siding is an HPL (high pressure laminate). Pura siding is engineered to last long, withstand the elements, and stay beautiful. Because Pura is engineered for high performance, it looks better, and maintains its colors longer. It also performs much better than most exterior siding material options.

Pura siding is not only beautiful, it lasts. Pura is engineered to resist snow, rain, ice, sleet, and hail. Their specialized electron beam curing process for the colors, makes it fade resistant. In fact, the colors are so fast, they have been tested to resist fading against Miami, Florida UV rays for 10 years.


Pura performs exceptionally well in extreme cold and intense heat. It is scratch resistant and graffiti resistant, too. So, no matter where you live, Trespa Pura is a premium cladding worth considering for your home or project design.

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Pura NFC Siding is Absolutely Beautiful

Pura is as beautiful as real wood and a lot better looking than most other siding options. The Pura NFC wood decors are as stunning as real wood siding, but never need repainting. Great looks, high value, and low maintenance. Instantly add curb appeal to your home or property.

Pura NFC Wood Decors

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Replacement Siding Costs

There are lots of siding materials to choose from. Pura NFC is a premium cladding material. In the project budgeting spectrum, it is in the medium price range of siding options. However, it looks so much better than most other siding options. It can also add lots of value to your home.

Siding Cost per Square foot 2023 siding prices

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Vinyl siding is the lowest siding price option. Choosing vinyl siding is often more like a compromise than an endorsement.  Many people who choose vinyl siding for their homes are frequently on a limited budget for siding and just want a color to match their design scheme.  On the other hand, Pura siding has a striking beauty that adds value and curb appeal to a property.  

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Fiber cement siding is gaining popularity. It, too, is a low-cost siding option and can be painted many different colors. Some fiber cement sidings have a faux wood grain texture. From a distance they look fine, but up close – not so much. If not installed properly, there is a chance that fiber cement siding will rot. Fiber cement siding needs to be repainted, too.

Pura NFC siding is rot resistant, impact resistant and it truly looks like real wood siding.

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Wood shingles, shakes and clapboard siding are other popular cladding options. The natural wood look has a warm appeal to many. To keep cedar siding looking fresh you will need to repaint it whenever it is needed. The current price of cedar may make it prohibitive pricewise for your budget.


Why Choose Pura NFC Siding?

Pura siding is made to last. It stays fresh looking. The Pura NFC wood decors look like real wood, maybe even better. Unlike wood siding, though, Pura never needs repainting or refinishing.

 Trespa Pura NFC siding wood decor-1

A Well Designed Rainscreen System Makes for a Healthier Home

Pura installs nicely into a rainscreen design with the Climate-Shield system. The big benefits of a well-designed rainscreen are manifold. For starters, the siding sits off the exterior wall creating a rainscreen gap. This space minimizes the potential for mold and rot. It allows any moisture to either drain or evaporate. This is a healthy, sustainable design at its finest. This method also extends the lifetime of your home or building.

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