Trespa Pura NFC Exterior Siding Colors Last Beautifully

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Are you looking for exterior siding colors for your next home project? Do you want a gorgeous siding color that is hassle-free and keeps its good looks without refinishing?  Maybe make your home the envy of your neighborhood with the best-looking exterior? Good news! There is no need to compromise on any of that with Pura NFC rainscreen siding. Read on to learn how.


Pura NFC siding Mystic cedar wood decor on home in Rhode Island

A custom home in Rhode Island features Rainscreen Siding in Pura NFC Mystic Cedar Wood Decor,

contrasted beautifully with a stone entryway


Choosing a siding material and siding color is both a personal decision and a long-term investment. If you want a high return on your home exterior investment you might want to see if Pura NFC Siding by Trespa is right for you. Did you know that Pura NFC siding is known by homeowners and builders alike for beautiful colors and the durability of its good looks?

But the beauty if Pura NFC rainscreen siding is not just skin deep. Pura NFC siding is a high quality HPL laminate proven not to fade in strong UV rays; that doesn’t require staining or painting; and has holds its own against potential damage. Pura NFC is made to save you time and money over your siding’s lifetime. Choosing a Pura NFC siding color means it will look “like new” for years and maintenance needs will be minimal.


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Pura siding Classic Oak wood decor remodelThis remodeled home features Pura NFC Siding, Classic Oak wood decor.


Combined with installation using the Mataverde Climate-Shield Rainscreen System, Pura NFC siding creates a ventilated exterior for your home that allows moisture to escape from behind the siding planks. Rainscreen siding creates a healthier home environment since it prevents trapped water, which could allow mold and rot to form, which can then invade your home’s exterior and into the living spaces.


Pura siding Aged Ash wood decor in Tiburon, CAPura NFC Aged Ash Wood Decor looks like real wood siding, but without the work, in Tiberon, CA


Pura NFC siding is a popular and reliable way to avoid fading colors on your home exterior. If you check out our article, 5 Reasons Why Pura NFC Was Chosen for Home Exterior, you will see why home owners and architects look for a hassle-free siding that will not “ugly out” in a short time. What is “ugly out”? When a siding has decades long “lifetime use” but will fade and dull in a few short years, showing wear and tear long before it needs to be replaced. That can lessen your satisfaction with your home exterior. Choosing a siding that will keep its looks as well as it protects your home is a much better feeling.

Pura NFC cladding design with multiple decors

Multiple Pura NFC siding colors can be combined in a stunning look for your home.


When it comes to exterior siding colors, there are lots of styles to choose from. What kind of exterior siding color are you looking for? A stained wood look? A modern exterior with dark panels? A combination of colors? You have choices.

Pura NFC Wood Décor Looks Like Real Wood Siding

Trespa Pura wood decors

Pura NFC looks more like real, stained wood siding but without the maintenance and repairs needed with many other siding materials. With eight Wood Décor color options ranging from oak to ebony, you can find the siding color that suits your exterior design best.

Pura NFC Siding wood decors-1

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Wood Décor siding colors start beautiful and stay beautiful. Compared to vinyl siding and fiber cement siding, Pura NFC really looks like wood siding, with the benefit of a consistent color and grain pattern throughout. Pura NFC has a much more realistic wood look than other siding options. Pura also complements and warms other design materials like stone, stucco or concrete facades.


Pura NFC Siding Slate Ebony wood decor

Pura NFC Slate Ebony wood decor contrasted with natural stone looks sharp and natural on this entryway.



Compare and decide for yourself the look you prefer, the grain pattern and look of vinyl (L) versus the grain pattern and stained wood look of Pura NFC colors (R):

wood grain vinyl siding

Vinyl siding with embossed wood grain

Mystic Cedar detailed close up Crook House

Mystic Cedar wood decor from Pura NFC by Trespa


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Pura NFC has solid exterior siding colors, too. 

Pura Lumen Metroplis BlackPura NFC siding in Metropolis Black makes a modern statement with light diffusing qualities. 


If Pura NFC wood decors aren’t your favorite style, the new Lumen decors may be what you want. Are you interested in a darker exterior color or a modern gray siding style? The Lumen collection has truly stunning, light diffusing black or dark gray decors for a modern look. Potential fading and scratching of a darker exterior siding color is a valid concern with most siding materials. Luckily, Pura NFC Lumen decors boast the same strength, longevity, and resistance to fading and damage as their wood décor color collection.

Pura NFC Siding Lumen decors

Like their wood decors, Lumen decors have been tested for strong UV exposure, flying objects, scratching branches and more. You can rest assured they not lose their attractiveness over time and stay the same dark, rich color and gloss finish as they day they were installed.

Trespa Pura NFC siding Lumen decors, PUL9000 Metropolis Black and Lumen PUL2581 NewYork Grey-1

Pura NFC Lumen decors New York Grey and Metropolis Black look great


Trespa Pura NFC Home Siding That Won’t Bend or Break


Pura NFC siding remodel Romantic Walnut wood decorPura NFC Romantic Walnut decor brightens this remodeled home exterior surrounded by trees


No matter what climate you live in, your home exterior can be exposed to storms and wind. Are you concerned about potential storm damage that can bend or tear off siding and leave punctures from flying debris? You might appreciate siding that stays good looking for its whole lifetime, not one you worry about during every rainstorm.

Trespa siding is manufactured, and lab tested for high resistance bending and breaking. Wind, branches, or even a foul baseball from the backyard will not dent or crack the siding. That’s pretty awesome and worry-free.

Pura NFC siding wood decor used with corrugated metal siding in SeattleThis home in wet-weather Seattle combined Pura NFC siding with corrugated metal for a unique design element. 


If your home does suffer exterior damage from a major event, like a tree falling on your home, (and we sure hope you never do!), Pura NFC Rainscreen siding has additional advantages. Rainscreen installation allows individual damaged planks to be removed and replaced, instead of a whole section. Since Pura is extremely fade resistant the new planks will blend with the original plank color seamlessly, without spending on extra material to make it work. These are big time and money savers when you are making unexpected repairs.



Pura NFC Exterior Siding Is Really Easy to Clean

Are you wanting a siding that is easy to keep clean? Cleaning your siding is recommended no matter what type you choose, to keep it looking its best. Cleaning as needed removes dirt, pollen, debris, etc., left by wind and weather. Grime that can hide the beauty of your home exterior.

You might like that Pura siding washes off with simple soap and water. No special cleaners, chemicals, or sealers are needed to keep it looking bright and beautiful. It truly is low maintenance.

Pura NFC siding Slate Ebony and Siberian Larch wood decors

Winter storms can leave behind dirt and grime on your home exterior, but this home with both Slate Ebony and Siberian Larch wood decors will clean up quickly in the Spring. 


Is there an exterior siding project in your future that would benefit from Pura NFC siding? We hope you found this article helpful and are considering the benefits of Pura NFC siding for your next project. If you have questions, needs a sample of Pura NFC siding, or want to speak to a siding expert on our team, please contact us. We are here to answer your questions and help get your siding project started.


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